11 okt - Noodlebar - @Mono Rotterdam NL

Modular synth night with audio and video performances


- Hmisu and Givi (Greece)
‘Transmitting Silence’ is the sound and image revision of Hmisu and Givi Lomouri on the term ‘Silence’ and its absence in our culture, space and time. By declaring this phenomenon real, we understand that silence is the agreement of peace between organic and inorganic structures. And by travelling through this term that characterises a brief moment in our mind, conversation, situation and natural state; our performance allegorically expresses how arbitrary those moments really are, and how human civilization embraces them in separate cultures.

- Vogel en Stofzuiger - that is me + 1
An audiovisual liveset by Martijn Verhallen and Arjan van Hofwegen.
Dark drones and noisy layers of grit are accompanied by modified fieldrecordings recorded on urban exploring trips throughout abandoned industrial complexes.
These haunting textures will be joined by colored abstract figures and patterns made with modular video synthesizers.

-Josep Garces (Josepet Bass) is a Spanish multi-instru- mentalist, composer, and creative design engineer. In his musical journey, a synthesis be- tween acoustic instruments and music technology, Josep combined his design engineering & music performance ex- perience to create a Professional Music Software for Live Looping. LiveLoop was developed to expand the possibilities of the looping technique, aiming to provide musicians with a versatility and complex- ity of features, empowering them to com- pose with maximum creativity.
Breaking all instrumental borders, LiveLoop is a multi-faced instrument in a journey of groves, raw sounds, FX & dis- tortions, created for live performing musi- cians and artists who wish to experiment with new sounds and new possibilities of music creation.
For more information, please visit www.liveloop.live


Vijverhofstraat 15, 3032 SB Rotterdam, Netherlands


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