Video System Available

Hi there folks, having to move on my LZX/Erogenous Tones Video rig. I also have a Tektronix Monitor (without Graticule) for Vector Re-Scanning. List of items below. Prices include EU shipping. Any questions just fire them through. Used in a smoke free, home studio environment only.

LZX Visual Cortex £550
LZX Color Chords £225
LZX Passage £125
LZX Bridge (x2 Available) £110
Erogenous Tones Structure £675
LZX Clock VCO (Castle, Pro Built) £85
LZX Shift Register (Castle, Pro Built) £85
LZX Multi Gate (Castle, Pro Built) £85
LZX Flip Flops (Castle, Pro Built) £85
Tektronix 608 (No Graticule, No Burn Marks) £550

Many thanks! M

pm’d re oscilloscope

Have PM’d :slight_smile:

Cheers, J

Erogenous Tones Structure available now at only £575 delivered anywhere in world, boxed, minty brand new, open to offers, Many thanks M

messaged ya re cortex!

I messaged you on FB about Structure, hit me back on there or here either way.

I bought his Structure. He posted it really quickly.


Interested in the Color Chords.