Tips on finding video installation work

I’m liking the idea of doing installations eventually but I wouldn’t know where to start, who to talk to or where to promote myself.

It would be great to get a few pointers or advice from anyone who can add to this discussion.



A number of years ago I worked as a professional motion graphics animator and for a time subcontracted by an events company for live DJ sets (See Deadmau5’s cube anims, and glitchmob’s blade 2014). That was mostly pre-rendered clips that were then later mashed/chopped up rather than realtime generation but hopefully enough to qualify for giving some advice.

  1. Portfolio/Reel - Before anything you need to put together the most impressive demo reel of video work you possibly can, and update it any time you have new work to show off.

  2. Networking - Start locally to your area and just look for local bands/galleries/installation artists/promoters etc. to show off at and slowly build a network of contacts (Literally just google “Installation art galleries” in your area). I’m sure there are or will be people around this forum or similar places that know people or companies you can get in contact with for show work, but the wider your knowledge and impressive your reel is, the easier this will all be.

  3. Just go play - Depending on your area I’m not sure what your options are, but you could just grab a projector and start playing somewhere (it helps to have a lot of friends but impromptu portable parties, even if they’re ambient parties, are pretty great). Just don’t get busted by the cops (but if you do make sure that gets filmed for your reel)!

  4. Social Media - While most people would place this first, I would place it last. Too many people spend the majority of their “marketing efforts” on impressing social media which can be great in terms of eyeballs on your work, but not as important as just building a solid foundation of presentable work and network of real contacts!

Hope that helps!


find some open calls for installation works. there are websites that will have open calls posted to them, a canadian version (as im in canada) is find something similar for your area. get your cv ready. maybe find some likeminded people around you and ask about galleries and stuff for connections. hang out, go to shows. im pretty bad at those things. i only ever show when im asked, basically, which doesnt happen so often… when i was being more active it was a bit easier. some opportunities came up because i would be doing visuals at shows and people would come to talk to me about what i was doing… etcetcetc.


Hi Alexk,

That’s some impressive work you have done!

Thanks very much for your reply I find that information very valuable. It makes a lot of sense to get to work on the best demo reel I can come up with, and to also focus on networking. ‘Just go play’ is a great idea, get people talking and interested and experiencing it for themselves.

Thanks for the great response Alexk, all taken on board! :cowboy_hat_face:

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@Pbalj That’s a really good idea I’ll definitely try that. Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom! :space_invader:

bands/music venues are always on the look out for live projections. this can be a good place to start