SWITCH possibilities, Caps Diodes

Hi guys I have few possibilities for the mountain switch, see picture below. Which one do you suggest?
On the board there are 2 holes for the front legs and 4 rows of three holes. Are these 4 rows all comparable, e.g. connected, so I can use whichever I want?

  1. Another question can I substitute the multilayer ceramic caps with some monolith ceramic caps from Tayda? What about ceramic disk? Are they comparable?

  2. for the 1N4001 I have 1N4001T rectifier and G half rectifier are they both ok?


the big 2 holes near the edge are for holding the switch.
the 2x3 placements are for 2 types of switches:

  1. a small sideways mounted switch that uses those holding pins
  2. a bigger one, that uses wire connections)

you need a DPDT type switch, which has 6 pins.

1N4001T looks fine.

what caps are you looking to replace? (what values / types?)
for the 100nF caps: these can be replaced with common ceramic or whatever you can find)

  1. That module requires a DPDT switch, so none of those pictures will do the job :frowning: You need to use two rows of three - either both of the big ones or both of the small ones. Those switches look like they are SPDT, with only one row of pins.
  2. Most likely fine in this module - the ones you’ve already soldered in look OK.
  3. 1N4001T and 1N4001G will be perfect.

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Great thanks so much all clear!!