Ruins: Mystic Circuits Quad Video Oscillator SB2023

I was trading emails with Eli (Mr. Mystic) regarding the IDUM and then we transitioned into discussing ‘the soon to be announced at SuperBooth 2023’ “Ruins” Quad Video Oscillator. It appears as if this is finally coming out! He said that I could share the info here.

"We have had this video module in the works for quite a few years now. The parts shortage during the pandemic delayed things as well as various bits of the video standard changing in the Eurorack landscape causing us to need to make a few design changes. Now that parts are starting to show up again we are hoping to make this module happen by the end of the summer.

The module is called “Ruins” and it is a quad video oscillator based around discrete transistor and CMOS based circuits. It’s designed to be lofi and affordable so it is definitely not as clean and perfect as most of the LZX modules that are comparable but it has quite a bit of character. Each oscillator has a 4 inputs and 2 outputs, a direct inject input that breaks the feedback loop and allows external signals to be filtered by the channel, an FM input with a terrible transistor-based attenuverter, a “Flip” input which drives an XOR gate in the feedback loop of the oscillator, and a sync input. The two outputs are the “soft” triangle-ish output and the “hard” square-ish output. The module takes RCA sync in the back like most of the new LZX modules and it seems to work fine at the higher resolution sync speeds. This is nice because each oscillator can switch between vertical lines, horizontal lines and a slower unsynced LFO speed without repatching the sync input.

Again, this module is not designed to be clean or predictable: waveshapes change depending on the speed, slow transitions between low and high are noisey, oscillators that are not patched together still cause visual distortion in the other oscillators, the FM input also clips the video output at certain settings. However this module is capable of making some compelling grit that is difficult to achieve with LZX gear while still working competently to provide some extra utility oscillators in spots where maybe you don’t want to waste a prismatic ray on boring horizontal lines or slopes.

I’m shooting to have this module out by the end of the summer and would like it to cost around $500. I am debating doing a pre-order when I have a batch of actual, working production prototypes in hand and know that I can push the “go” button on a full production run without any other delays. This is mostly because this would be my first video module and I honestly have no idea what the demand will be like and also with the more expensive video components I imagine that production is going to be much more expensive than what I am used to now. Honestly working on this module was much harder than I expected even though I expected it to be quite difficult and it has discouraged me from continuing to work on video but if it does well I could be convinced to make some other video modules afterwards."


Ooh, it’s pretty. :hugs: I like noise too. I’m definitely interested.

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Thanks for sharing, Kent! :slight_smile:

Four extra oscillators/lfos in that package, for that price, sounds good to me.


It’s definitely got character! That said, I had a blast using the latest proto a few months ago. I’ll ask Eli if I can post some of the footage we recorded.


Keep in mind, this is from three years ago, but there’s an in depth demo of the prototype here:

Hey Vidicon! Cool! I believe there have been some implementation changes since then, but the design philosophy remains the same…

I’m interested to see the inputs at work, specifically the “flip” and the “filter/feedback loop breaking” ones. Also to see how funky the FM in gets. :upside_down_face:

Definitely looking forward to this! I’ve got Tree and Leaves that will go in my video case once Chromagnon arrives and iDum lives in my rack. Mystic Circuits is good stuff from good people.

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Most definitely buying this when ready :heart_eyes: :vulcan_salute:


Eli was in town last fall and dropped a proto off at my house for the weekend with the directive to just patch it as I normally would use a module in my workflow. I had a MemPal feedback patch setup being fed by multiple Diver ramps. I added ruins in with the ramps signals modulating it’s inputs. Pretty sure I fed Ruins into the Alpha channel of the MemPal. Obviously this isn’t a demo (I patch by feel and not by function) I started fairly simply and evolved 4 patches over 20 iterations or so. Ruins is responsible for much of the complexity as the patch evolves. Posted iteration 5 and 18 from the B sequence:

UrRuinDemB8 on Vimeo


Is the kaleidoscopic-type stuff from MemPal? Or some other feedback technique?

That’s all Memory Place, your one-stop fractal feedback shop! :wink:


Oh man, I didn’t need to want another module!

Hi friends, I’ve been a longtime beta tester for ruins for several years now. Been using it in all my patches. Having 4 oscillators to shift the 4 controls on shapechanger around has created a massive means of density to what would have only been a mildly compact patch.

And as you may have seen, we’ve got it working in HD! Well mostly. Still some small kinks to sort:

@cinema.av on Instagram for all the goods.