Quad video opamps

Are there any suitable Quad video opamps available , similar in specs to the dual LM6172?

What bandwidth is suitable?
And what other specs are important? Slew rate?

It can be TH or SMD, as long as it is not too small!

The LM6172 has 70MHz
The LT1365 looks ok, but is quite expensive. (more than 2x LM6172 cost)

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LM6172 is the cheapest and fastest option you’ll find that can run off of +/-12V rails and is generally easy to use. If you regulate down to +/-5V for internal rails there are a lot more options, but few available in DIP package for DIY projects.

Remember it’s the slew rate that’s the most important spec, and that the gain of your circuit has a direct effect on bandwidth as well.

For production modules, we’re fond of the ADA4851-4, but there are some tricks to using it and it needs +/-5V rails.

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The ADA4851-4 is TSSOP-14
A 14 pin package with 5mm length, so that is too small for me to solder.
I have done it once, but it is not really fun.

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Hi Lars

I’m looking at the ADA4851-4 for some potential projects, I was wondering if you could share some of the tricks you used to get it functional?


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I believe this should cover most of them:


Thanks so much, much appreciated

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Have you tried solder paste & a hot air gun? Friends of mine converted to it over the last 3 years & they’ve never looked back. They swear by it but admittedly, I’ve stayed put in the through-hole world.