Op amps for video

I ended up one TL072 short building a set of Castle modules, but I happen to have some NE5532 laying around. These op amps seem to be somewhat interchangeable in the audio world; are there any reasons the NE5532 wouldn’t work for video? Nothing in the datasheets popped out at me as an issue, but I’m new to video DIY. Is the high input impedance of the TL072 a critical property?


NE5532 should be fine for replacing a TL072. Whenever you see TL072 or TL074 in my designs, that’s code for “general purpose low bandwidth op-amp.” You wouldn’t want to exchange an LM6172 for it though, since those are much wider bandwidth video amps. I use lower bandwidth (i.e., cheaper and less power consumption) op-amps whenever its something non-critical to video rate frequencies, like buffering a DC voltage reference.


Thanks @creatorlars! The NE5532 worked just fine.

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