Portable projector screen fabric/material?

Hey all! I have a gig in a few months at a small-ish venue that has a 9.7k lumen projector, a Panasonic PT RZ970 (specs @ PJ central). Unfortunately I don’t know the throw distance or lens in use, and only have a rough idea of how big the stage area is – about 30 feet wide, 30 feet tall, with a big black theater curtain backdrop.

1. I’m wondering what material people use for an easily mountable/strikeable screen? In the past for DIY all-ages shows I’ve used a 20’x10’ sheet of white muslin, which is extremely lightweight and can be held up by gaff tape for hours. I’m not sure gaff tape would adhere to curtain well, though.

2. Any tips on how to mount the fabric to the rear black curtain? I normally use a ladder and a shitton of gaff tape, but I want to give the impression I’m more professional than that :wink:


Multimedia performances with my collective have found some use with scrim and adhering velcro to both sides (scrim and metal frame.) I can check the manufacturer we went with.