New to video synthesis

Thanks for all the clarification. I think the best solution for me is the chromagnon first expand with some other gen 3 modules and then go from there. If I wanted to add a second source or something to do additional pure video synthesis non external I’d need an additional encoder correct like the esg3? And then some modules to produce the shapes colors etc? Then I could theoretically overlay those on the externally processed video from the chromagnon output ?


If you are compositing (what I assume you mean by overlay) multiple sources (eg. Chromagnon + Gen3 abstract patterns) you will want FKG3 & ESG3. FKG3 will allow you to composite multiple RGB sources and ESG3 will encode the resulting RGB output into composite/component video. If you want a shape generating path outside of Chromagnon, then DWO3 + DSG3 + SMX3 will give you a lot to work with and will cross patch nicely with Chromagnon. So we’re talking about a complete Gen3 setup plus Chromagnon. It is important to note that Chromagnon will composite incoming video with internally generated shapes on its own, perhaps accomplishing your desired outcome without additional modules.


Syntonie is releasing a sync generator and encoder this summer so a relatively affordable system should soon be possible, especially if you’re OK with DIY :slight_smile:


If you get in to DIY module building you open a lot of options - the best of them being able to use “busy building modules” as an excuse for not making any video art :roll_eyes:

IMO look to Chromagnon with a row of modulation and utilities from the audio world (LFOs, envelopes and other fun stuff) to animate it.

and don’t forget - “waiting for components to be in stock and then delivered”, before using “busy building modules” - as another excellent excuse for not making any video art!

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Just to be clear to those who are new to video synthesis, the Syntonie VU007B Sync Generator/RGB Encoder will be available assembled also. It’s not DIY-only. It doesn’t have all the features of the ESG3, but it’s a little smaller and has the basic sync gen and encoder functionality that you need for a system.


Regarding voltage conversions, looks like Nick has a new module in development. I have the brownshoesonly 5:1 … the new Video Headroom Systems module looks like it’s configurable by section to step voltage up or down, 5:1 or 1:5. Cool stuff for integrating the endless world of Eurorack audio modules.


This is just incorrect.

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Yes, I understand you’re talking about Gen3 barrel power. The power input for that design is +12V but that is manipulated by the power circuitry backpack to become internal +/-5V rails. You can absolutely plug a negative voltage into a Gen3 module, it’ll just safely clip it if it’s greater than -5V.

Most, if not all, of the Expedition series uses internal +/-5V rails for the ADA4851-4 ICs. They handle negative voltages in the same manner (they’re clipped if too hot), it’s just that a different regulator scheme is used.

You could also consider asking @syntonie or @Fox what their plans are instead of publicly guessing for them. They are regular contributors here.

EDIT: I don’t understand the point in deleting posts after someone answers you.


Ouch. I’m just trying to contribute, looks like that’s not welcome, so have a nice day

Thanks I’m having a good day. These new summer modules are too legit! Cant wait.

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I’m having a great day myself. Sorry you took my tone that way, I was just aiming to correct inaccurate information you posted above and provide an explanation why it was inaccurate when you asked for clarification. This stuff is complicated and it may not always be obvious why the power solutions work the way they do.

It’ll be a boon to 3rd party makers that Gen3 power backpacks will eventually be available as OEM parts and they may just get incorporated into designs sooner than you suspect.

EDIT: The Gen3 supplies also work just as well being fed from a regular +/-12V Eurorack PSU. You don’t have to only use the +12V barrel connector so it’s great for hybrid systems.


I’m not totally decided yet on the power solution for my next modules.

I think the DC barrel wouldn’t make much sense for the existing 4HP modules I’m making, first in terms of space, as it would be tricky fitting all the necessary components.

Secondly, in terms of price, I would need to look into it again, but it would easily mean a 50€ or more increase on the retail price, amount that it would be a little hard to reduce for DIY kits/pcb sets as I’d prefer to have those smd parts to come pre-assembled.

Then, since I now have a working solution for sync generation and encoding, I’d like to work on a « full voice » module that can also be used standalone, so it would definitely benefit from having the DC barrel power, and space would be less of an issue.

Will also move from exclusively doing 4HP modules. Actually, already started with the 8HP decoder and sync gen/encoder I recently announced, mostly to be able to fit everything needed without going for too many stacked boards, and also because they have vertical rca sockets at the back.

Alternatively, I’d like to offer some Capsule PSU in the future, fully assembled and maybe boards with pre-populated SMD, though I need to check how I can test those without being completely assembled. Then, it surely won’t be as clean as the per-module power supply because it still uses 16pin ribbon cables, and if the modules are all powered by +5V/-5V internally, there is some current wasted by regulating the 12V down to 5V.

Then I guess a hybrid system as you said is probably the way to go for now. That’s what I’m doing currently, got two Capsules that I power through 12V DC barrel and power all the modules that requires 16pin euro power, and then FKG3/Channel are directly connected with DC barrel.


Yeah well the dismissive and judgmental tone did actually ruin my day. It’s good that at least there was an apology.

My overarching point is that, for the foreseeable future, Eurorack power is still a prerequisite. The techy details of how voltages get converted within power supplies is completely irrelevant to that point. Bottom line, if you want full creative potential, you’ll want third party LZX 1V standard modules, and you’ll want Eurorack audio modules. The former may indeed adopt the Gen3 barrel power, but may not, for the reasons Bastien mentioned. The latter, of course, absolutely requires Eurorack power.

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I have 2 rows of 84 and 3 rows of 126, all ran with eurorack power and lzx distro to power my modules. i havnt had a single issue with power. i started with the 4ms 45 row power and moved up to an internal power supply from modular synth lab. Eurorack Power Kit- Build a unique case | ModularSynthLab
Having both sources of power has been quite useful.

mostly not adding anything new to the convo here but i just wanted to +1 for Eurorack power of some flavor in your rig at some point cuz the DIY modules out and about are awesome and well worth having around. Visible Signals in particular has made a few modules that replace the basics found in the Cadet series - simple, no frills utility designs that are affordable and compact. Syntonie has a variety of excellent devices including a 4hp quadrature LFO with an impressive frequency range, a quad rectifier/folder and a number of fantastic circuit bent creations in the CBV series (CBV001 is one of my all-time favorite modules for dirtying up and texturizing signals at the output stage). Fox has a full lineup of worthwhile utilities at this point and ReverseLandfill is also well worth checking out for video noise sources, Sandin function gens and more in DIY format. and don’t sleep on LZX Castles - they are pretty amazing for making hard-edged shapes and complex, futuristic-looking patterns and structures without much effort.

all that said - if you don’t mind waiting til the next wave of Gen3 stuff drops then an all-DC option would probably be viable to get you started which is actually pretty exciting as tbh i find Eurorack power to be the most fiddly part about the whole thing and i imagine once i get my DC Distro i’m quickly gonna be pretty sold on the new LZX standard.