LZX Vessel case transportation options

The exact dimensions of Vessel without modules installed is 22.25 x 10.5 x 3.375 inches. When sizing transportation cases allow for up to 1 inch additional clearance for control knobs and other panel mounted components on LZX Industries modules.

For robust transportation and storage, we love this hard ATA case with roller wheels and carry handle from Gator. It fits the Vessel case perfectly, with just enough room to transport patch cables, user reference cards, and your power supply DC brick as well. Works best with an extra 12 x 24 inch foam pad to cover the frontpanels of your modules before closing.

Gator 12 x 24 Inches ATA Mixer Case (G-MIX 12X24) $99 USD


Hi LZX fam,
I bring a Vessel around with me via backpack & bicycle and need a tighter form factor… curious if anyone has figured out any simple patch/jack protecting shield or cap or make shift lid yet making use of the handy 1/4-20 threaded inserts? I’m going to give it a first attempt and will post pics…of course very interested if any resolved solutions out there.

  • cheers

This may be overkill but I have used these before to transport gear around on a bike.


Effectively these convert Pelican cases into backpacks. I have not done the math on which Pelican cases would be best for a Vessel.

Having a hard time locating additional Gator 12 x 24 Inches ATA Mixer Case (G-MIX 12X24) which is a bummer as I need two more. In the meantime I’m looking at these two Pelican cases which seem to fit the needed dimensions but are deeper than necessary:

Anyone use either of these, or a different Pelican case for use with Vessel?