LZX Gen3 Modular Releases 2021-2022

Definitely will be in the $499 category, it’s got a huge multiplier count! A 12HP positioner/rotator (Navigator Mk2) would be natural frontend for DSG3 as well.


You’re correct. What makes DSG3 a shape generator is just the HV mix oriented signal path (two input chains going into multiple HV output mixes.) So it’s a shape generator with the hood popped open. By “shape” in the video synth context I mean “enclosed figure”… usually a quadrilateral. That is, a shape generator must have the ability to create a pattern that has an enclosed boundary inside the space of the screen. Other words I guess would be “complex ramp” or “2D ramp.”

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But when breaking the normal to the H and V ramps, and inserting an arbitrary voltage, video image, whatever, DSG3 is not “generating” a “shape” in the sense of creating a 2D geometric figure. It’s performing a series of transforms on that incoming voltage. And with two input voltages, DSG3 additionally performs logic/blending operations. Right?

We can still consider it a “shape” generator inasmuch as any function curve has a shape. So although the naming of the module might not immediately paint a full picture of what it can do, it’s not misleading or inaccurate. But I think the messaging can be improved a little here. This is an analog function processor with video HV ramps built in.

Beautiful work, I’m having so much fun. Thank you again.

In the short time I’ve had to play with these, I can say they absolutely pack a huge functionality into a small form factor. Utterly amazing what I can do with just two or three modules! Retail pricing is fair considering the versatility, build quality, forward-thinking “modular module” design, long-term commitment to support, and smart adaptation to supply chain issues. I’ve said it before, but LZX has really arrived, Gen3 exceeds all of my expectations.


Absolutely. The names of the modules are best thought of as a shorthand, or as nick names. In this case it’s very much an answer to the beginner’s question of “wow, what does that do?” “It generates shapes.” If you answer the question “well it’s 28 analogue functions in multiplexed arrays” then the next question is still “wow, what does that do?!” So it’s perhaps less about describing function, more about communicating identity. You are totally correct that this module hides a lot of functionality that’s applicable in so many patches not related to shape generation.


I really love to hear that. Thank you.


It’s great for feeding the Y of a video source into Doorways → DSG3 → Marble Index’s opacity inputs for Porter Duff compositing. Not sure we can do the full Porter Duff patch with Gen3 quite yet or if it just requires more FKG-3s than I have to patch up. I’m still used to having the soft keyer broken out with Doorway.