LZX Frontpanel Art Resources

I have uploaded Color Illustrations, Line Art Illustrations, and Frontpanel Dimension/Cutout Files for our five most recent modules in a new public GitHub repository located at the below link. There are PDF and 600DPI PNG exports for each asset.

Please use these as you like, in any of your own patch documentation and DIY projects.


Are there any plans to open source Expedition / Visionary / Orion front panel resources in this same way? It seemed like a few people were excited about the yellow jacket / black faceplates, but doesn’t seem to be moving forward.

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Well the reason I’m releasing these Gen3 ones is because I’m incorporating these user facing assets into my frontpanel design/export workflow from the beginning (after many requests!).

Exporting the same assets (PDF cutlines, illustrations, etc) for all the other panels isn’t something we have prepared in the same way, but it’s something we could make time for in the future. For the time being I just want to make sure I keep this repository up to date for all Gen3 releases.

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I have just added assets for the following modules: Matte, Proc, Sum/Dist, Keychain & Stairs.