Gen3 Stairs Unboxing Video, humour, tongue-in-cheek

A video synth “Unboxing” first? :wink:

This is just a wacky idea turned to video, nothing serious at all.


That was fun. Will you be making more of these? I enjoyed getting the capture and monitor versions of the feedback throughout.

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Hey @Z0NK0UT :wave:
Thanks for commenting & asking :slight_smile:
I’m glad you enjoyed the video & thanks for pointing out the feedback & laptop camera as the capture method. I wanted to use my SLR but realsied quite last minute that I’d forgotten it elsewhere, thankfully safe indoors, so I improvised with my laptop camera instead.

My lady laughed because she said she could see that so many times I was about to go wacky but was able to hold that beast down :wink:

I’m really quite different in person but point a camera at me & things go silly rather quickly :smiley:

Yes, I most definitely want to do more just for the fun of it but also as something different. Clearly it’s one take, I’m not a video editor but I also know I should simply hit the pause button to at least catch my breath :wink:

This one was quite spontaneous & the idea just errupted out of me, as many silly things do that mostly go nowhere.

I guess, I’ll simply post the next one here. There’s no need for a new page per module.

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