Fair-Rite 2743001111, Mouser nr. 623-2743001111, EMI Filter Beads replacement, Ferrite

About a week ago I noticed that the standard ferrite beads (623-2743001111) in most, if not all, of the DIY video synth builds were out of stock on Mouser, the xpected delivery date is 15/09/2021. Thankfully I looked through the datasheet looking for exact info before searching for a suitable replacement & saw that there’s a 2nd identical version simply on tape & not loose, the 623-2743001112LF.
Of course there were thousands in stock & it didn’t get suggested as a suitable replacement by Mouser when I hit the “Show Similar” button under the product specs, there were 2500 recommendations :laughing:

It might be a good idea for the various module designers like @VisibleSignals, @syntonie, @reverselandfill, @Fox, @pbalj (& anyone updating the Cadet BOMs) to add the part number to their upcoming BOMs or any that needed a slight update anyhow.

Fair-Rite 2743001111, Mouser nr. 623-2743001111, EMI Filter Beads


Good find. I like them better on tape anyway!

It looks like 623-2743001111 is due back in stock mid September. Not sure if a 2.5 month shortage warrants changing BOMs, but that’s of course up to the designers.

Either way, it’s very useful to have substitution info here.

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