Does anyone show me examples of the Contour in use?

I’ve got 8hp left to fill in my rack so I was looking at the Gen 3 module, Contour. I feel like I have an idea of the effect it creates but there is so little information or videos out there showing what it does, it would be great if someone had any patches recorded where they’ve used one that they could share so I could have a closer look before I went ahead and bought one. If someone wanted to do a full demo video for it, of course, that would be even better! :laughing:
this is the basic effect
this is contour used in a larger patch

this is the diagram for our second patch.

you want to really hit contour hard with something like a keychain or something that gives you a nice hard edge. You can of course experiment with it however you want but I’ve found that a nice hard edge gives the best results. You will get something from smearing to an edge outline.


I recorded a quick video of an image going through Contour. I am using proc to blend between more/less or the Contour effect.

Like wednesdayayay pointed out, I love the way it grabs onto outlines and smears them. I am also modulating the cvs with some lfos.


This is perfect! Great examples. Thanks for that! I have a keychain and that’s exactly how I was thinking of using it - to soften the edges on some of those shapes a little bit. I notice you’ve got a stairs in the patch too - which would you choose between that and the contour if you had to pick one? As that and the swatch are the other modules that I was considering.


that is a tough question.
swatch Y out > stairs G in > swatch Y in is such a lovely look and can be a compact colorizer
here are a couple examples using the media player on the TBC2 to load some paper marbling images we released as a sample pack.

contour I’ve really used less in video processing workflow than the shape gen workflow. I’ve been having a hard time lately pulling myself away from shape get patches because it is just more fun to me in gen3 than it was previously.

if you don’t have a stairs I would probably go that way between the two it is one of those modules I find myself using in lots of patches in lots of different ways!

for instance Marizu talked about a noise patch for stairs a while back that people are really liking in the current noise module dry spell.
Forgive the poor quality screenshot but I captured it during a stream.I haven’t patched it up yet but I believe you patch a stairs output back to its phase CV in and send a static offset from something like matte or an empty proc channel to the G input of stairs.

you really can’t go wrong either way or the VHS crossfade is another one I use just about everywhere.


I don’t have a Contour yet, but will get one as budget allows.

My vote also goes to Stairs, it’s more versatile, more amazeballs, MOAR FOLDSZZ

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Finally: a Contour demo!