Which GEN3 modules require sync?

Hello! Pardon my ignorance. I am just diving into video synthesis and building up a system comprised of Gen3 modules and was wondering which units have a video sync input… basically am attempting to determine how many sync cables I’ll need. Though it may already exist I couldn’t find a clear reference anywhere. Perhaps it should be obvious based on the functionality of each module, but as I have no idea what I’m doing yet I can’t come to such conclusions. Any help is appreciated!




For the future, the general rule is sync is required in the following cases:

  1. There’s any switch on the front panel (FKG3)

  2. The module generates video-synced static ramps (DSG3)

  3. The module generates video-synced analog waveforms (DWO3)

  4. The module outputs a standard video signal (ESG3)

TBC2 and Chromagnon can genlock to the incoming component video signal, so they don’t require external sync. In the absence of an incoming video signal, they generate internal sync. But for TBC2 or Chromagnon to work with any other modules, they will need to send or receive sync to the rest of the system.


One little tit-bit to keep in mind @HBCoffin is that the LZX Gen3 modules that are 8HP do not have or use sync: Stairs; Keychain; Swatch, etc.

Hummm, there’s little mention of sync on the product pages of the modules that require sync, also there’s no images of the back of the modules which would provide a visual confirmation.

It’s a little better regarding sync info on the doc pages of the modules requiring sync:


It’s possible that some future 8HP module may have front panel switches.

Anything with a switch requires sync. Gen3 is designed so that switches don’t cause glitches. The switch operation happens during the vertical interval, between fields/frames. And if the module doesn’t get sync, it doesn’t simply mean that switches will cause glitches. The module will not pass a signal at all or function in any way.

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I’ve not found any text descriptions of the DWO at the link posted–could you clarify this? It’s likely I missed something since at first I had trouble figuring out this kind of formatting (I’m thinking of the current Mutable info depository).

I’ve added documentation of sync IO to the modules overview page here:



Damn, my mistake @scuto :man_facepalming:
Every other module’s page (regarding sync) except the DWO3 one had a bunch of info so I pasted the exact wrong link :frowning:, after posting my comment, I sent a pm to @Z0NK0UT about it as a headsup.


A belated thank you for the clarification! And validation, though I still don’t feel confident navigating the page! :expressionless:

@creatorlars The table you linked is helpful to think about sync order/arrangement when fantasizing about the next module to add!