Where can I tap into the Cadet 7 +2.5V reference circuit to use with multiple pots?

I’m looking to build a custom circuit that uses a similar pot control to the 2.5V reference + pot circuit from the Cadet 7 Processor, but distributes the reference voltage to multiple instances of the pot. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t need separate TL431’s for each pot, but my electronics knowledge/understanding isn’t super good so I’m a little confused about where I’d share TL431’s output. I’ve got a diagram of where I’m considering:

I know the TL431 keeps point A at a steady voltage (2.5V), and in simpler uses of the TL431 that’s usually followed by a 1x gain buffer, but I’m not 100% sure how U5.1 and U5.2 and the nearby resistors are working here. The three points that seem the most likely to me to distribute the signal from (and eliminate most of what’s on the left of, in the places I’m duplicating this) are A, B, and C. A makes sense to me because it’s the output of the TL431. C makes sense to me because it’s after the buffer (and I guess I’d need to buffer it again in my duplicate circuits before the pots?). And B makes sense to me because it’s before the buffer, so the whole U5.1 and U5.2 stuff would be the exact same in each duplicate. OR should I just duplicate the whole thing and use multiple TL431’s? (I know that’ll work, but I’m fairly certain it’s not necessary.)

This will be for a DIY circuit for myself, so it doesn’t have to be a super great production quality solution, but at the same time I would like to do it as properly as makes sense for some Cadet-esque circuits.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. And if you want to tell me that I’m clearly biting off more than I can chew due to my lack of understanding, go ahead, I can take it. Thanks!

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Hey Joe :wave:t3:
Did you ever figure out the solution to your question? I’m surprised no one picked up on your thread.

No… I kept meaning to breadboard it and test but never did. I’ve since abandoned that project anyway (for other projects!), so no big loss.

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