LZX behind the scenes, March 2023

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity!

  • We are most of the way through TBC2 shipments, with ~140 modules out the door.
  • Angles (12HP Ramp Gen + Ratio Mixer) was released and all orders shipped.
  • A couple dozen small PCBs were designed and built, most of them focused on evaluating parts for future projects and on validating our approach for the Chromagnon rear assembly (see photo.)

What to expect from us over the next few months:

  • Chromagnon news and behind the scenes updates as we prepare for the full production run.
  • TBC2 reaches an “in stock” status.
  • New module releases at regular intervals, and some new merch items.
  • More Gen3 docs and videos.

If you have any questions about your order, reach out to sales@lzxindustries.net. If you need support for a product, reach out to support@lzxindustries.net.

If you have other questions, let me answer them here!!


Great news! Thanks a bunch for the update. The anticipation of TBC2 + Chromagnon is getting intense!!!


I always love seeing the behind the scenes pics. Thanks for the update.


was chromagnon ever going to have center detent pots I don’t remember. If so has that changed with the gen3 switch over from detent pots? If so does that means there will be a number of chromagnon that will be center detent and eventually they won’t be?

how are you liking those big buttons? Are they a different switch than what is used on the memory palace?

Thank you for sharing this picture!

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Chromagnon control boards are already built, and they have center detent pots on the attenuverters.

If so does that means there will be a number of chromagnon that will be center detent and eventually they won’t be?

No idea.

how are you liking those big buttons? Are they a different switch than what is used on the memory palace?

The switches on Chromagnon are Omron B3F series, same as the non illuminated buttons used in Orion series (like on Diver and Escher Sketch.) The other switches in the photo are new parts we are evaluating.


I can’t wait for the 341 module to be released. I’ve been needing those 3 digits for a while. :slight_smile:


if that’s the Chromagnon it looks like a pretty complicated piece of electronics . I have had so many of my friends and acquaintances die since i ordered the chromagnon form 2019 till now its starting to scare me.


It really is! If it were simple, it’d already be in your hands. But this isn’t all Chromagnon – the center assembly and breakout board is the Chromagnon front assembly (the portion we’ve already built.)

The smaller boards surrounding it are test assemblies for various parts and R&D circuits, some of which are components of the Chromagnon rear assembly, which is what I’m working on now.

I’m sorry for your losses in the past few years.


well larze ,thanks for your kind words , sadly none of us are getting any younger… I can only hope that after all these years of waiting that progress is being made and I have enough time left in my life to totally explore this one of a kind stand alone video synth. next door there is a huge sail boat in the back yard that was never completed because Al,the guy who was building it died of pancreatic cancer last year… the pic i sent was a friend in Georgia who died of congestive heart failure a month ago. who would have ever thought that the tools to make video art that i watched on PBS as a kid in the early 70s wouldn’t be available untill i became older then the people doing it back then. video school was no different in that regard,video had stagnated for decades and i didnt go to school for it untill i was 36 .the highest standard of affordable video format was HI-8 S-VHS was even too pricy and bata was beyond our wallets as well. trained on the omega video toaster and the flyer ,then digital tape was invented…so i get it ,it is what it is. i am looking forward to seeing some test samples of the chromagnon.


My heart goes out to you Frank – thank you for sharing your feelings and situation, I’m grieving with you for your friends, and my heart sinks in my chest when I think about about how the delays have effected you personally. Thank you for your patience with us. Please know I’m pushing to the end of this project as swiftly as I can, and that I hope Chromagnon gives you much joy.


thanks lars. god willing it will all come together for both of us.


Thank you for the share! Looking forward to updates on Chromagnon - giddy -

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Thank you for the updates and the pre-production photos of the Chromagnon sub-assemblies—seeing them makes the whole dream feel “real.” I’ve almost completed buying the entire set of Gen.3 LZX modules (though, missed out on TBC2), and of course am greatly anticipating the release of Chromagnon. Wishing all of you at LZX well in your continuing endeavors and for slogging though it all thus far. I understand that great art and technology takes time and am looking forward to what I’m sure will be a great finish!