Beginners Gen3 Setup

Hey you beautiful people!

I am flo, based in Wuppertal / Germany and in dawless jamming since 2013.

After receiving my Erogenous Tone Structure two weeks ago, I fell in love with video synthesis - and would love to dive into the LZX universe (looking for cool addons for my structure - and my Eurorack system).

I was a bit lost, looking up of how to start:

Here, ESG3 and DSG3 are mentioned:

Those links seems to be dead (?)

Any hints of which modules to pick are highly appreciated. Or wait until Chromagnon will be available @ Schneidersladen?

Thanks for your help!


Hallo :slight_smile:
You’d need two elements: a sync generator, and a encoder.
The sync generator creates a “pulse” to keep everything running in sync and allowing stable images.
The encoder will translates the lzx “images” into a valid format that you can use with external devices. That format can be component, composite…
The esg3 from lzx can do both of those tasks. As well as vu007b from syntonie.
The rest of the modules are for creating voices or fx, same as you would do in Audio.
Dsg3 is a wave folder, dwo3 is a dual oscillator VHS baja is a 3x lfo…


The patch book is still a work-in-progress, but the first link gives you a good idea of how to begin with ESG3 and DSG3. Be sure to watch the DSG3 Youtube video to see the module in action.


I don’t have a Structure, but from what I can see in the docs, Structure has LZX RGB and composite video inputs, but only composite video outputs.

That means Structure is effectively an encoder, but not a decoder. It can convert LZX modular voltages to legal broadcast video.

If you want to process external video through any LZX modules at all, you’ll need a decoder such as TBC2 or VU003B.

CVBS → Decoder → LZX processor modules → Structure → CVBS


CVBS → Structure → Decoder → LZX processor modules → Encoder → CVBS

The second option is more expensive but gives you way more flexibility. For example, if you get TBC2 as the decoder, you can scale the Structure output up to high definition. Or there’s nothing to stop you from using the Structure RGB inputs, potentially creating feedback through Structure. Which could be epic.

If you don’t know where to start with Gen3, everyone definitely needs at least one Proc, and probably an SMX3. DSG3 is my personal favorite due to its versatility and bulletproof design. Stairs is super fun, but more specialized. DWO3 is great for low frequency modulation and direct video pattern generation.


Thanks for all your replies and kindness!

My plan would be to use an LZX voice and the ET structure to be mixed via an Edirol V4.

I am using a Retrotink5x pro for Upscaling and the Blackmagic G3 recorder.