Visual Cortex pre-encoder expander

I’m still very interested in a prebuilt unit!
at the same time
I like flavors
I’m sure I’ll end up with a second visual cortex at some point that way I can do one of both :slight_smile:

Ha! I am in the same boat. I am definitely getting a second VC in the future.

Im down for a prebuilt.

I am keen to order a pcb/ panel if possible , thanks

I´m also interested in an prebuilt one!!
greetings from sunny Bielefeld/Germany

Any news on this ? @pbalj ? I am interested in diy PCBs / or built modules for an output expander for visual cortex

Every time I patch my system, I miss this module. Wish I could help in some way, but I know very little about circuit design.

@creatorlars this could be a good idea for a new cadet module (diy pcb /panel), I feel like if more VC users knew what this does, it could be really popular

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I’m happy to announce that the cortex expander is finally ready for production. I’ll post a vid later this week and all the details to order. Sorry for the big delays on this, but there were lots of things happening in my life lately but I’m back.

The plan is more less the following:

this week: I’ll send to fab the final pcb to China.
22-29/09 I’ll announce final cost and estimated shipping, a google form will be available to specify what you want. On 29 I’ll close the form and order components to the part supplier.
29/09 to 06/10 a friend and I’ll be soldering and building the prebuilt orders.

shipping is expected as soon each module is finished and tested, so first come first serve.

I’ll ship PCB+Panel only kits as soon the prebuilt modules shipping starts. I’m expecting this module to be very cheap hopefully. Anyway here is a link to a page we with some audio eurorack modules we have designed on the last years for local workshops in Madrid.


Hell yes. Thanks!!!

oh this is awesome
so if we do get a prebuilt unit this will still require us to solder onto the visual cortex itself right?

Is that 4hp or 6hp? I’m in the middle of rearranging my cases, so I’ll leave some room for it.

@luix could you explain if any soldering will need to be done to Cortex to accommodate this module? Thanks!!

The RGB pads on the Visual Cortex don’t have a header in place for a connector, so a tiny bit of soldering will be necessary.

4hp, like a cadet/castle


Yeah I does, there is no other way as the VC does not come with pins on those pads as stated before. I’ll show later on before anyone places an order what you will need to do, just to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Its actually pretty easy, but you will need a good soldering iron, since the PCB of the VC has a superb thermal design and its difficult to heat everything.


I’ve done very very minimal soldering like point to point to make passive boxes (switches, photoresistors, pots etc…)
but after looking at the back of the visual cortex I think it is something I could handle
I am very much looking forward to this being available

if you can solder a wire to a pot then you can do this!!!

it’s as simple as sticking the header in the holes and then applying heat and solder - watch a youtube video first on the basics of pcb soldering and you’ll be good to go!!

I think the hardest part will be removing the panel and reattaching it!


@luix it would be great if the header for VCortex could be included/ shipped with the prebuilt modules, so all we need to do is solder it on rather than each person needing to place an order for 1 header once the module arrives. Maybe that was already the plan but just a thought. Thanks again and looking forward to this!!

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It will be included, also all the cables and everything needed except the soldering iron and some solder and patience :slight_smile: