Video synth workshop @ Dutch Modular Festival 27-28 sept

27-28 september - The Netherlands - Den Hague - De Besturing

Modular Video synthesis:
Learn about analog video synthesis with DIY LZX modules, 3TrinsRGB and a Vidiot + mixers and effects. Pattern generation, making shapes, audio response, camera input, external effects. Get started with a video modular!

This workshop is free and will be held several times during the festival.
Additionally you can experiment with our modular video synths, trying out patches and ask questions.

We are located on the 1st floor @ de Besturing.

I’ll also bring my DIY video projects:
Triple Function Generator (pcb&panel set)
Buffered sync busboard (full kit & pcb)


This was awesome, Martijn! It caused me to catch the modular video bug!