Video Headroom Systems, Availability and Lead Times

Hello friends!

Does anyone have any experience ordering from Video Headroom Systems? I ordered a pair of Bajas a couple weeks ago and haven’t received shipping.

The confirmation email I received for my order came from Square Space and there doesn’t seem to be a contact email listed on the website.


I think the 8hp Bajas is still in development.

@brownshoesonly is pretty responsive on the LZX Discord, if you’re on that.

Lost my wallet. Haven’t been able to buy shipping labels. I’m stuck on Apple Pay.

Should have replacement card this week and ship Baja orders. I have 25 ready for shipment


@brownshoesonly Hey Nick, any ETA on the XFMR? I need at least two of these.

Also, are the two A & B sections separately configurable via jumpers or whatever? I.e. can the user choose whether each section is a 5x multiplier or a 1/5 divider?

Thanks man, amazing work as always.

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Baja friends! Check your innies for noties these mfers just shipppppedddd! :tv::rainbow:


I pushed forward on 3 other modules first. But I just need two days of clarity to knock out XFMR. I do still have some 5:1 PCBA from bso days if you’re interested.

XFMR is initially specd to be user configured for each section discretely. A and B.
Might possibly lose the LED


Thanks man, I just scored a couple of Cadet scalers off of Reverb but I will definitely be down for at least one XFMR. Cheers!!!

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