Vessel won't fit LZX modules on one row?

Don’t get me wrong, the modules fit into the empty space and are of appropriate depth. But after securing the modules to the outside rail, the middle rail threads for one row are out of vertical alignment with the holes for every module we try to place in that row. All modules fit fine in the other row of the case, and the case is otherwise solid.

I’m hoping I just missed some quick adjustment, but I think this might be a defect. Please see the attached images. In the first image, the center rails are being pinched together at moderate strength with my fingers. In the other images they’re resting at native tension.


In one of my Vessels, the two middle rails had come out of square with each other. Which caused sort of what like you are seeing, if I follow. I just rotated one until it was flat against the other one.

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Yes, the faceplates help hold everything into alignment. I suggest loosely installing screws into modules on both top and bottom rows before tightening any screws down. Twist the vector rails as needed.

Hi Lars,

Thanks for your time. We tried all the normal-at-home-ish tinkering to get it squared up without any disassembly, and provided a few more detailed shots below regarding geometry, and the length of the rail involved.

The horizontal surface of the center rails are parallel with the horizontal surfaces of the case edge, and the rails on the edge of the case. The central support bars are in upright orientations, and it doesn’t appear any amount of twisting around the axis of attachment would put the threads out of alignment with the module screw holes. Everything appears to be plumb.

I’ve attempted to gently force things into place with the screws loosened, but we’re still 2-4 millimeters from having a straight shot at the threads through the module mounting holes. Forcing them and having the improper geometry constantly shearing against the equipment is a rough situation I’d really prefer to avoid. It truly feels as though something was installed out of alignment-- if it was minor I wouldn’t waste either of our time with it.

Can you send me a shot of the middle rails from both sides? I believe there should be bare thread exposed (as in your photo in the last post) on both sides if you look from the top or bottom towards the middle rails.

Looks correct to me. Have you loosened all screws on both rows and tried to to slide the modules into place? There’s a little wiggle room in the tapped strips and the module mounting holes that doesn’t settle into place until the modules are screwed down tightly, so it’s important to do initial installation with them loosened. The sheet metal boats are precision laser cut, so rail positions shouldn’t be a factor. It’s meant to be a tight fit, and the faceplates themselves add to the structural rigidity of the finished enclosure, so if you’ve tightened modules down on one row before installing them in the opposite row, I’d expect things not seating right.

In the photo above it looks like the modules in the upper row’s bottom holes are off by about 1.0mm - 1.5mm, but the Cortex module below it looks like its top faceplate isn’t flush with the top of the rail.

If there’s a little tension on the aluminum faceplates at first then that’s perfectly okay – they’re a structural piece made of 2mm aluminum (a bit thicker than typical EuroRack faceplates.) Generally once you have modules aligned and screwed down then the rest of them you install will fall right into place.

And to be clear, the inner rails look OK from your photos. Can you confirm both of the two outer rails/struts do not show exposed thread/channel? (they should be smooth all the way across)

I can confirm that both of the two outer rails/struts do not show any threads.

Bumping with pictures of two prismatic rays oriented to the left side of the Vessel. Each module has been aligned to its mounting holes. Certainly the second image might help one to appreciate that there is no reasonable amount of bending or twisting that would bring the rails into proper alignment.

I hate to keep beating a dead horse on this one, but from the pictures it looks like there’s room to fit a mounting screw to me! The M2.5 screws are undersized for the mounting holes.

If you’d like to send it in to us to test here in the lab, you are of course fully covered under warranty for repair or replacement in the event of manufacturing defects. If you can’t mount modules into your case at all, there may very well be an issue with the build and I’d want to get to the source of it so I can prevent the anomaly from happening again! Please e-mail with your return mailing address and a shipping weight and we’ll get you sorted out if that’s what you’d like to do.

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On further examination of the photos, it looks like you need to twist the middle mounting rails very slightly towards the bottom of the case. This would push the lower Prismatic Ray to sit flush with the lower lip of the case and move the mounting hole position for the middle upper rail more in line with the module mounting holes.


@7pip Did you get your modules installed in the case OK?

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@creatorlars Unfortunately not. But with the Vessel as our only capable rack, it’s presently an integral part of our production. We’ll have to wait until we can pick up another Vessel or the like before we can send this case in.

Thanks for checking in- Happy New Year, Lars!

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Understood! Yeah, just let us know how we can help. We’ll have cases back into production soon.