TX modular audio/video synth


A funny thing happened recently
someone (on the lines forum) contacted me about a piece of software that I had spoken about a long time ago
back when the lines forum was still the monome forum I suspect

the software is called Ripple (this is where the software used to live)

he was hoping that I had a copy of the program somewhere as he couldn’t find it online anymore

I couldn’t find it
however there was a program called TX modular I used about a year ago that reminded me a bit of Ripple
both programs are built around supercollider and they just had a similar feel

since that time TX modular has grown considerably it seems
while this post ultimately isn’t about audio synthesis this is a proper free modular synthesizer and if you gel with the layout/channel scheme it is loads of fun to play with

I’ve just noticed something new or at least I never noticed it before


there is a module called “animate code” which gives a video output with a lot of modulation inputs

I’ll try to get some video up running some modulation into it
just thought I’d share