Triple Function Generator project

I love the idea of a triple FG. I have been thinking this would be nice paired with a triple Differentiator if that is something you might be interested in putting together.

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look at my Differentiator VC feedback project page.
I want to aim that project more to a “newer” idea. If I also want to make it triple, it will become a very big project that cannot be made easy in TH parts I think (or it will have several pcb’s sandwiched together.)

But I will keep it in mind :slight_smile:
maybe it can be done?

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I have 3 Funk GenZ and can confirm that the fun factor is high.

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Indeed :vampire:

especially with colorising video input in a feedback setup , amongst other uses

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I’m working on the triple panel now. it is 16HP right now.
pot & jack positions will change , because I might add a pot in the design.
(and I have to check if the panels will fit sideways. )
work in progress :sunny:


a more final design. (almost)
sideway mounting fits. 14HP


pcb design almost done.
-connection holes for normalisation
-dpdt pads placement

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Those bottom layer traces up top are a bit too close to the board edge, and D4 might be closer to the MIDS pot than ideal, but appart from that this is starting to look good.

Would you be adverse to re-annotating the board? I find that it generally makes assembly a lot easier, especially if you’re not too familiar with the design.

the DRC check reported no errors, so I think it is ok.

what do you suggest as for the re-annotating? part values?
Normally I will make a detailled build guide + BOM

I just ordered the pcb’s, so I can still change things

traces and diodes moved.

final schematic (for now) - another experimental pcb will be made to explore functions described in the 1st post.

panel look. red!

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Re-annotation by position, i.e. updating the designators such that they increase along the board.
It’s just one of those small things, so if you’ve already ordered boards i’d just leave it as is.

ah, ok.
I will do that. then it will become less of a puzzle.

and done (manually, because the Eagle ULP sucked)

I just made a cool feedback test patch with 1x function generator + 2x processor.
This gives very interesting results, although it needs much adjustments.

Chaining, as opposed to splitting the input signal, is also very useful.
This can be achieved with the normalisation pads. maybe it is a good idea to make an expansion panel with some switches to change between these routings. I’ll leave that to you DIYers :slight_smile:

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the pcb’s are now on its way to me … :shinto_shrine::airplane:


And they are here! The panel looks really cool in red :star_struck:

I will build one , if it works, I’ll make an ORDER thread!
I have 24 FunctionGenerator pcb’s and 22 panels. you need a set of 3 for each panel so I have 8 sets for now.
you can also make a single one and diy the panel.
We will see how it goes :slight_smile:


is this batch going to be for DIYers only?

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If all goes well, I assume you will eventually order more PCBs so everyone can get in on the fun?

(I’m just assuming the initial batch will go quickly. I know I’m definitely interested.)

yeah, that was the plan.
coming week I’ll be soldering & testing the pcb’s.
I’ll make a separate thread for orders and BOM / buildguide information.


the main focus is DIY. I might consider to offer build modules.

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First test = OK :star_struck:
the pot distance is good. - that is why I have the 5 knobs installed in pic 2.
the switch is a bit close, but not too much. You can solder the ‘default’ setting to the down position.
The PCB is designed to handle the cheaper ‘lug’ type DPDT switch.
You can solder clipped resistor leads into the lugs and holes.
I might search for a DPDT pushbutton solution. tips anyone?

in the mean time, I declare this project “READY”!

note: 20 more sets are ordered