Triple Cadet X Multiplier

I’ve designed a triple Cadet X Multiplier starting from the schematics.
Its input are normalised, both for VC and IN.

This mean that you can use a signal for VC and a signal for IN on the first inputs and set three different configurations using its pots and switch.

I don’t know what I can do with it, for me is OK to open source it, but I don’t know what Lars and LZX thinks about, I don’t want to go against the rules.

I don’t have a panel but the PCB works well, is a sandwich with two PCBs, one with the circuit and one with the UI, here some pictures:

And two videos:


Update, the panel is coming.

And I take the initiative and post here the schematics for this module:


Is the power connector upside down? :upside_down_face:

It looks correct to me…

It’s fine but there’s a glitch!!
I’m having issues with KiCad lately, that symbol causes false errors on KiCad’s debugger.

Here’s a fixed one (I’ll edit the post in a minute), in this configuration the debugger throws errors but can be ignored.