The Memory Palace Experience (Unf#$&ing la Memory Palacio)

Good to know. That being said, I was hoping to run the output of a switcher into Cortex’s input decoder, I am guessing this will not be possible while keeping stable sync through the system, if I was to be switching between sources via switcher?

Using a switcher/mixer with TBCs like the Roland V8EX, etc should not be a problem. Switching between asynchronous sources (like with an Extron matrix switcher or video selection punch box) for your system master sync will reset the timing of the entire system every time you select a new source.

I was hoping to make use of Cortex’s input decoder but will it only hold stable sync with a continuous playback?

The timing of Cortex locks to whatever is fed into the genlock input (either frontpanel Y/Luma jack or rear sync input.) If you change the source to a source with different (asynchronous) timing, the timing of the entire system will change as a result to match the new source. This is causing Memory Palace to lock up because it’s not expecting the system master sync to change timing after it boots up and locks on.

Using a switcher with TBC/frame synchronizer on Visual Cortex inputs so that you’re always feeding your system a stable sync source will solve your issue, as would the TBC2 module.

I’ll see if we can make Memory Palace more resistant to dropouts/abrupt changes in sync in a future update.


Thanks for this insight, super helpful. I will remain on the edge of my seat to receive TBC2.

Not sure if this has come up yet but the dvi output from my MP is not outputting a signal but if I patch the rgb outs into cortex the image shows up through cortex via the patch cables. Also, the s video out works fine. Not sure what is going on? I tried cycling the power…? Also tried multiple dvi/hdmi cables.

What are you displaying/capturing on? Does it support 525p60/480p60?

Hmm. Just got it to work but had to cycle the power again after it did not work the first time. No external sources plugged in at all. I will mess around with it somemore over the weekend and see if it happens again and under what circumstances. The monitor i am using does support those formats. Thanks for the reply.

I was going to post this about the reset… but you beat me to it…

Just want to add some insight here. My MP definitely would freeze after being left on for a while. Buttons would not respond. Would not pass signal. I’m running the same system of VC providing sync to the MP and changing source feeding the VC often.

For me the issue ended up being power related.
I tried it in a couple of rack configurations that were conforming to the 10Ma per HP standard with a Tip Top Zeus studio bus. Lars recommended this:

Since installing it I’ve had my MP on for three days straight and no freezing. For $13 it is definitely worth getting if you are troubleshooting the MP. (Now I just need to find a right-angle adaptor for it.)

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Has anyone been able to capture from Memory Palace’s DVI/HDMI output into a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle’s HDMI input? I’m able to capture the MemPal’s S-Video out, but not the HDMI output for some reason. Tried every input setting on the Shuttle with no luck.


I captured some MP footage wIth my Blackmagic USB so should work for you.

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If you haven’t already, I would just double check your shuttle is set to capture at 480p 59.94 (which is what MPs DVI is outputting). Sometimes those shuttles can be finicky if not exactly matching.


Thanks for the tips, guys — still no luck. @DesertMuseum The Shuttle actually only gives me 525i/p options, no 480 — wondering if this has something to do with it.

Also, a very strange bug: I get a black-and-white image out of MP for like 5 minutes, before it eventually transitions to color.

I don’t use a shuttle but do have another blackmagic device and the 480p out of the MP DVI works fine when the Blackmagic is set to 525p… is this shuttle newly installed on your computer or has it worked in the past with other devices (just not MP)?

Very strange bug (B/W>Color)… I have not had this happen… is this with a HDMI cable running straight from MP into your monitor?

525 is 480. 480 is visual space and the remaining ‘45’ is essentially NTSC Timecode.


Just got mine (yippiiiiiii)
I can’t make it work in PAL though.
If internal, the option to change is greyed out.
If external, it would just ignore the input and still run in NTSC.
Is version 19 available somewhere or any other small trick I’m missing?

Not available yet! But I guess soon will be released.

What works for me is to leave it like 3 minutes on, and the reboot the modular until it locks on PAL.

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I was trying that yesterday without success, I’ll try tonight again.
Mixed feelings experience to see how great it is but not being able to enjoy it…

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Still no luck here :confused:
Anyone knows of a NTSC to PAL converter while waiting for a new firmware version?

New video from LZX and Johnny Woods up on the LZX YouTube channel!
How to load still images in the Memory Palace.

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I also have the problem with PAL. I can do what I want: I never get PAL. I can switch to internal, I can directly connect the RCA cable to VC (in PAL mode). MP is always in NTSC mode.

When we can get the firmware update?

I’m trying to export some stills for MP processing. My goal with the bee image is to get it into MP as it appears in Photoshop with no background layer, not unlike the bee image that’s included in the nature folder of the pack-in MP stills, even though that’s a JPG. In Photoshop, I only have this one layer, as you can see on the right, which appears to contain the bee and nothing else. However, when I load it into my MP, it appears on my TV mostly as it appears on the MP’s display when the sliders are at 0 (notice the reddish artifacts in the bg and the white artifacts near the bottom). I have also tried to export as a JPG which gives me slightly better results when keying, but the width and/or center sliders have to stay below the middle, or else the background will reappear if the sliders are in any position above 50%. Any PNG/JPG optimization tips so that I can utilize the full range of the sliders?

Edit: Here’s a still of what actually displays on my TV, still a little different from either of the other iterations. The crooked frame is just due to me not quite being zeroed out.

Edit 2: It appears if I set the KEY mode to Alpha, the center and width sliders active regions swap to the top 50%.