Synch cables jammed up Cadet modules

I’ve found that when I tried to use the LZX Video Synch distribution cable with my Cadet modules side by side in the case that I don’t have enough space. Currently I need at least 1-2 hp between each Cadet or Castle to keep from overcrowding.

I’m building one of Martijn’s (Reverselandfill) buffered sync busboards as a way to get around the crowding. To get this working all I would need then is a master synch from Cortex to the busboard, and then individual 2.54mm Pitch 14 Pin Female to Female IDC cables to each module?


14pin sync from VC to the busboard sync input.
16 to 16pin power cable from your power busboard to the sync busboard
and then you have 10 x 14pin buffered sync connectors for connecting your modules.

You can cut off/remove the strain reliefs on the sync distro cable to get it to fit between Cadets.