Replacement Expedition Panels are Available in Black via

Perhaps a bit of a long shot, but…

I bought a black panel Arch but would really rather have the original metal panel. Anyone with a metal panel in decent condition (ideally in the L.A. area) interested in a trade?

Does someone know of an European dealer selling some LZX Black Panels?
Haven’t found one, and the shipping and tax is making it really hard to justify ordering :confused:

asked schneidersladen and they will order them for me… no idea if they put them also in the shop


I sent schneidersladen a mail and they told me they will have black lzx panels in the shop coming next week.

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yap also got a notification

got a new mail, which says that the panels will not be in the onlineshop. so if you want panels write them a mail!

minor gripe that doesn’t get in the way really but wish the screw holes were recessed like the original panels.

For my Visual Cortex, I can’t get the original panel off, the RCA jacks on the left input seem to be stuck to the panel. Anyone got any tips for safe removal? Rest of the panel is loosening off fine. the two screws at bottom front also removed.

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if these black panels are pcb material, it is impossible to do that


Ah yes that makes sense. All the screw positions so far have been not if the way of anything, and they only stick out a mm or 2 so it’s totally fine. :blush::+1:

Got VC panel off with more wiggling :joy::+1:


They are FR4 PCB material so you’d end up with a mess trying to drill a recessed hole into it.


Looking great! Cosmonuts are perfect too.


This will be a bit of a surprise for whoever uses ModularGrid and is unaware of these new panels - my rack has had a few Expeditions updated to black panel automatically :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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In case anyone needs to know: You should be able to switch which panel is displayed on modulargrid. There’s a “panel selector” option at the top of the page. When you turn that on, then mouseover a module, there are arrows that let you choose alternate panels.

It does seem a little odd to me that the black panel options are the first/default option for some of the expedition series, but at least it’s fixable on one’s own rack.


also popping in with a bit of a long-shot request - i ordered a black-panel Staircase with blue knobs but i personally prefer the original aluminum panels. anyone wanna swap panels (and maybe knobs as well)?

Hmm, realized when I hooked it back up that the lack of color labels on the Component input and output for Visual Cortex is confusing. As they are in the Green Blue Red order, for now I’ve been referencing the old panel or my photo. Anyone got suggestions for color labeling them too? Nuts can’t solve that one. Would be nice if there was a color run of black panels in the future like the gen3 panels have, but I imagine multi color screen prints are a little more expensive.

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I inquired about the color coding for VC earlier in the thread and the response was “The ordering of RGB jacks is always the same, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble”. I haven’t installed mine yet, but the path I’ve been following is using colored nuts for outputs and silver for inputs. Wondering if can ‘outline’ the white line (i.e. color pen?) on RGB inputs to help? I haven’t explored that option yet.

I think LZX’s process for Gen3 has been in-house digital color printing on top of white screenprint, so in theory they could do that.

But it sounded like they didn’t want to expend the time/resources for that on this (not least, I imagine, because then they’d need to charge more for the VC panels).

To remember which order to connect Component cables, perhaps think of the signal - YPbPr
Or use memory tricks, like a word or phrase, that can remind you… maybe “goober”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you want to get really crazy and risk damaging your VC, you might be able to find R, G, and B colored jacks and replace the black ones with those. The particular model of RCA jack they used might not have color options beyond black and yellow, but some do, so there’s a chance. In order to solder them in, you’d have to dismantle a bit of the VC to get to the solder points, though, so it’s not the easiest. And if there’s any SMD stuff on the board near where you’d need to desolder, that makes it harder because desoldering TH parts near SMD parts (without desoldering the SMD parts) can be a bit tricky.

Edit to add: I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using a CUI RCJ-05x jack ( which does indeed come in various colors. Though I could be very wrong, since I’m basing this on just a sliver of view of the side of a jack from the All About Visual Cortex page. lol.

Second edit: Just to be clear, I don’t recommend replacing the jacks, for the reasons I mentioned. VC’s are a precious limited resource, so don’t risk one by replacing the jacks!