[PRE-ORDER / WAITLIST] 📺 Castle build run!

hello all! saiteron with Teleos Modular here again. due to the overwhelming success of the Cadet build run - which began in July, “ended” in August, re-ended in September or so after building many more Cadets than expected to meet demand and actually truly ended for me just yesterday when i finally built the last Cadet for my personal system - i’ve been hard at work building every video module i can get my hands on including the Visual Cortex Expander by @luix , the Matrix Mixer, Triple Function Generator and CMIX by @reverselandfill , VU001-004 and CBV001 by @syntonie , the YRGB Mult by @Fox and the RGB Matrix Mixer, Gainbrain, Video Mult and Dual Distro (and soon Wrangler and more) by @aladan of Visible Signals. wanted to give a shout out to all you brilliant folks before going any further because 1) it’s amazing to see the creativity of this community manifest in such awesome modules, 2) everyone needs to know about them, and 3) i’m not quite sure i would’ve survived 2020 without you all. :clap::pray::raised_hands:

anyways, now that all the Cadet mess is finally (mostly) through (except for those Cadet system vids i still need to get around to making :sweat_smile:) it seemed about time to take the obvious next step with a similarly-sized Castle build run! i’ve already got a few folks on the waitlist from a few months back (i’ll be reaching out to you all in the next few days) but if you’re not on there already and want one or more Castle modules please let me know. as with the Cadets i’ll determine the prices once i’ve ordered parts and started building them but assuming there are no ultra-expensive ICs or anything on the BOMs these should fall in a similar price range to the Cadets ($100-$200) and i’ll see what i can do about similar bundle discounts for multiple Castles (or Castles + other modules, gear and accessories from my shop). prices will include shipping within CONUS but i’m willing to ship anywhere in the world if you cover the shipping fees.

the biggest difference this time around is that because the Castles aren’t in short supply, i’m more than happy to continue building them even past the initial run! prices for units in the first run will likely be a bit cheaper as the cost of parts drops when bought in bulk but if there’s enough interest for another run beyond the first i can try to match the prices moving forward. but that’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get there.

based on initial estimates i should be building the first Castles of the bunch as soon as the last week of January. i’ll choose the order to build them in based on demand and waitlist order, and orders will be shipped as soon as they’re built (and paid for, of course), so… who wants to hop on the waitlist? :eyes: send a message if you’re interested!


The Castles all use readily available chips. The only slight gotcha is to make sure you use the HC variants (as specified in the BOMs, and not substitutes with other infixes like LS) to ensure you get the sharpest quality signals.


thanks for the tip! :grin: