Picture in a Picture in a Picture

Question for some video pros…

I was experimenting with creating a PinP on one mixer and sending it to a second mixer and adding an additional PinP.

I did this by using two VR-3EX mixers.

I noticed that the PinP on the second mixer was dull and nowhere near as colorful as the source.

Is there a way to fix that?

Connection from the first VR-3EX was out the Main out via HDMI to an HDMI input on the second VR-3EX.

Thanks for any insight!


It looks like the resolution on inputs 1-3 is only 480p while the resolution for input4 for goes up to full HDi/p.

Even if the output resolution from your first mixer PinP composition is 1080p, it will be downscaled to 480p unless sent to input4.

This downscaled feed when sourced for the second PinP(which is also downscaling the image to produce the effect) is likely the source of the final fidelity loss you’re seeing