Patch of the Day #POTD 2019


Modules: PRx2, BR, ARC, MI, COR

Cortex outputs:

  • H+V out to BR Mixer Add in, Mixer Subtract in from COR Dither out, Mixer Add/Negative in from Analog4 main output, Mixer out to ARC Logic in#2
  • H-V out to ARC Logic In#1, MAX out to PR#1 Pedestal VC, (ABS out to ARC Rectifier in, Mirror Out to MI Ch.A Blue in), INT out to MI Ch.B Red in, CLIP out to MI BG Green in
  • V out to MI BG Blue in

Prismatic Ray #1 outputs:

  • Exponential out to MI BG Red in
  • Anti-sine out to MI Ch.A Red in

Prismatic Ray #2 outputs:

  • Sine out to MI Ch.A Green in
  • Triangle out to PR#1 Multiply VC in

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The Water Wheel

Modules: COR, MI, PRx2, PAS, BR, ARC, PEN, BSO Triple LFO

Cortex Ramp outputs:
(No Mirror, Logarithmic Contour; Ch.A Mix on)

  • H+V out to PR#2 sync in (Gate)
  • H out to BR Mixer Add/Negative in (Neg. on), Mixer out to PAS Thru 1 input
  • V out to ARC Logic In A (Neg. off), ARC Logic In B from Triple LFO1 out (High), Logic ABS out to PAS In #1, PAS Out #1 to ARC Gamma In, LOG out to MI Ch.B Blue in

Prismatic Ray #1 outputs:

  • Parabola out to MI Ch.A Red in

Prismatic Ray #2 outputs:

  • Triangle out to PR#1 sync in, Anti-sine out to PR#1 Pedestal VC in

Pendulum output:

  • LFO2 out to PR#2 Freq VC in

Marble Index outputs:
(Opacity knobs at maximum, Ch.B mode = Multiply, Mix= Ch.A + Out)

  • RGB out to respective COR Ch.A RGB in

Use PAS Row 1 In/Bias knobs & LFO speed to control the water’s characteristics.

Use PR#2 Freq VC level control to set the range of motion in the water wheel, as induced by PEN LFO2. Use that LFO’s speed to set the rate of turning.



Disco Grid

Modules: COR, MI, PRx2, BR, ARC, PEN, BSO Triple LFO

Prismatic Ray #1 outputs:
(Range 4, 4Q)

  • Sine out to BR Mult, Mult#1 to MI Ch.A Blue in, Mult#2 to Arch Logic Input A, PR#2 Sine out to ARC Logic Input B, ABS out to MI Ch.B input

Prismatic Ray#2 outputs:
(Range 3, 2Q)

  • Exponential to PR#1 Pedestal VC in

Cortex ramp outputs:

  • H-V out to ARC Gamma in, Log out to ARC Rectifier in, Mirror out to MI BG Red in


  • PEN LFO2 out to PR#1 Multiply VC
  • Triple LFO2 (Hi) out to MI BG Blue in


Modules: COR, PAS, PRx2

Prismatic Ray #1 I/O:

  • Freq VC in from Passage 1 Out
  • Sine out to COR Ch.A Red input
  • Exponential out to COR Ch.A Green input
  • Anti-sine out to COR Ch.A Blue input
  • Pulse out to PR#2 Multiply VC in
  • Parabolic out to PR#2 Pedestal VC input

Prismatic Ray #2 I/O:

  • Sine out to PAS 1 In + COR H+V Ramp out to PAS 1 Thru (Post mode) --> PAS 1 out to PR#1 Freq VC in (AC mode)

Cortex I/O:

  • H-V out to COR Colorize VC in

My favorite part of this patch was the “intestine” sort of looking, rounded wiggling blob (beginning of patch and around 0:37sec). To produce that, you need Cortex ramps on XY Mirror & Exponential, and Passage 1 In and Bias knobs should favor the Thru Ramp input. PR#1 coarse Frequency was set to 3 o’clock position in Range 4. Use the PAS Bias1 knob to control Freq. modulation of PR#1.
Minimizing PR#1 Pedestal and Pedestal VC value helps to make the fine anti-sine highlight up the center of the shape, as well as the transparent outer-envelope. Minimize gain on both PRs for more gradient effects, and keep Multiply high for visibility.
Use PR#2 Frequency to control the vertical scrolling & warping effect.

Breaking down the patch, the Frequency modulated anti-sine wave was the largest component of the final structure. The most organic and non-linear modulation was produced by the Ramp in Passage Thru1. The Sine wave in Passage In1 added unique animation, but had little to do with the modification of the shape changing information in the frequency modulation signal.



Modules: COR, PAS, BR, PRx2

Prismatic Ray #1 I/O:
(Range 4, 4Q Mult)

  • Frequency VC in from BR Mixer out
  • Pulse wave out to COR Ch.B Red in
  • Sine wave out to PAS In1, Anti-sine wave out to PAS Thru1, PAS Out1 to PAS In3
  • Parabolic wave out to PAS In2, Exponential wave out to PAS Thru2, PAS Out2 to PAS Thru3; PAS Out3 to COR Ch.A Red input

Prismatic Ray#2 I/O:
(Range 3, 4Q Mult)

  • Sine wave out to BR Mixer Add input
  • Triangle wave out to COR Colorizer VC in

Cortex I/O:
(Spectrum, Ch.A Mix on, Multiply composite mode)

  • H+V ramp out to COR Composite VC in
  • H ramp out to BR Mixer Subtract in
  • H-V ramp out to BR Mixer Add/Negative (Neg. off)



Patch of the Day

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