Patch of the Day #POTD 2019



Greetings LZX forum users,

The 48HV boys have been up to no good this holiday season and are making some serious New Year’s resolutions for 2019. Help keep us honest, by participating in our Patch of the Day series, rules follow:

  • 48HV will post a patch daily at 0900EST to this thread.
  • The first reply following that post should be a subjective description in reply to the posted patch.
  • The remainder of replies generated in the #POTD thread should approximate and redefine the subjective description of the posted patch. (Multimedia responses encouraged.) [Rule breaking encouraged.]
  • If you don’t have and/or don’t want a social media account to use with your submission, feel free to send it over to us via this Dropbox File Request. Let us know what name to credit you under and we’ll post it as an Unlisted video for you, and update the thread here with the link.

This exercise was inspired by Larry Belliston, author of Rapid Viz: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas.

TLDR: POTD is a daily opportunity to participate collaboratively with other active LZX users. Submissions will be compiled and rereleased on the LZX forum weekly as a reel to better condense the conceptual development of LZX users over the course of 2019. It is our hope that by presenting and supporting this exercise that we can increase our ability to tell complex stories in meaningful ways.


Inaugural POTD post,4JANp001:


This brings to mind the Doppler effect.



VC H+V > Bridge > H+V >> PR, Passage Thru
PR Sine > Passage In
Passage > VC
Pendulum LFO1 > PR Freq. VC


Maybe it could be good to detail the modules used in the creation of each patch


Deeply exhaling warm breath on a cold morning



VC H+V > Bridge, (H+V > VC, H+V > Key -, H+V > Passage Thru)
PR Sine > Passage In
Passage > VC


A super nova leading to a neutron star



VC H+V > Passage Thru
PR Sine > Passage In
Passage > Arch
Arch Mirror > VC
PR #2 Triangle > PR Frequency VC
VC Video Out > VC Video In


Shoot, this done reminded me of a lute.


Dig this one! My brain was trying to figure out if those horizontal lines were parallel. Disorienting and amazing. I like this concept, too.



PR Sine > Bridge, Bridge O > Passage In, Bridge O > VC
VC H+V > Passage Thru
Passage > Bridge, Bridge O > Arch, Bridge O > Arch
Arch Mirror > VC
Arch Darks > VC


Spider legs twitching



VC H+V > Passage Thru
PR#1 Sine > Passage In
Passage > PR#2 Frequency VC
PR #2 Sine > Arch
Arch Mirror > VC




A dress with fine lace detail


5JANp002: :male_detective:


The cutouts on the body of a violin




Soft-serve ice cream. Yum.