Memory Palace Specs & Feature List


I have a couple of these and imagine they are up to the task.



You will only need 12V 1A or so, for external 12VDC adapter. Look for the ones sold for CCTV systems. This one for example, looks great:

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I use the uZeus boost with my HEKs, so I think that will be good for using the Euro rails with the MP. Good to know about a good external choice tough



Those Johnny Woods intro videos are really nice! Always great to see someone step through features one-by-one.

So many interesting possibilities with MP!

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Just a heads up, the link in the OP no longer works.

+1 on the intro videos. Those got me drooling. Very easy to follow, I wish he could make videos like this for every LZX module!



Thanks @tylerm , link updated!



Hi @creatorlars! Memory Palace is amazing. Great work.

Feature request: Would it be possible to configure its YRGB outputs to send ramps and sync (2x ramps, 2x sync)? Especially when using MemPal as the last step in the chain, this would be a super handy way of getting these signals w/o needing those extra modules in the case (for me anyway :D).



@giantmecha No I’m sorry, that feature is not possible. The YRGB outputs will always be showing the same color video source as the CVBS/S-Video outputs (it’s the same encoder chip for the YRGB and CVBS/S-Video outs, they’re not individually addressable). Memory Palace is not a standalone module, it is an expansion module for a system that assumes Visual Cortex as the core module.



Ah okay, gotcha. Thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll figure something out.



You could get a Cadet I Sync Gen + Cadet IV Ramp Gen to get those functions in 8HP.
As a standalone unit, the MP’s stills loader could replace the ramp gen in some ways.



Here is another feature suggestion for the ‘stills’ menu.

Currently when selecting the image still, with the arrows you select/toggle between folders and the image sections, and then if you press the yellow square button you change either the folder value or go to the next image on the current folder.

My suggestion is to swap the controls, to use the up and down buttons to move between images or folders, and the square yellow button to toggle between folder selection or image selection. Its a bit (not a lot) annoying to do a lot of clicks on the yellow button when the images you just loaded is the previous one since you need to fully cycle all the images in the current folder… the same will happen when we have too many folders.

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will/can the memory palace accept HID messages? I suppose I could wrap something in max or PD to output MIDI instead



Is there a “hard reset” button combo for the MP for when it crashes? Or just best to turn the case power off and on again?

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Why or when is it crashing? Make sure your case has enough current and that there is ample airspace around the rear fan. The only crashes unrelated to power we’ve had so far have been related to the SD card interface.

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I think it’s happened twice now. Not sure what prompted the first one, but today’s was a patch with lots of feedback, and then (accidentally) hitting the A/B button…it crashed on a very feedback-y frame and I couldn’t get it out of that state. Added up the power and it should be okay, and I think there’s plenty of airspace.

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Cool, that does sound like an SD card interface related glitch (when you hit any button, there’s an SD card access and save state.) We should have some of that cleared up in the next release, but admittedly distracted by production and end of year accounting right now. Can’t wait to get back to Memory Palace.



Okay cool, good to know. Will keep you posted on any more crashes as they arise…

MemPal is so dang cool, thanks for your amazing work. Barely scratching the surface.

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@wednesdayayay One of the big sprints this year on Memory Palace will be to get some USB host drivers running for USB MIDI, USB HID (I want a trackball!), and potentially USB Video Class. So not yet, but it’s on the agenda. A lot of this stuff will be developed in tandem with TBC2 and future Orion Class III modules, as it’s one of the ways we’re able to fund development, is to treat it like a group project for the whole series.



A trackball would really tie the room together.



Are the DVI-D ports dual link or single link? I did not see this spec noted in the feature list, so just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

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