Memory Palace - Slider Settings

I was hoping someone could help me better understand the menu settings to calibrate the sliders on Memory Palace. I have a bit of an understanding that the Deadband is to adjust the “home” or “zero” positioning of the slider and the higher the numerical value the easier it should be to find the “home” or “zero” positioning of the slider. I am still a bit unsure what the s-curve and slew settings are for and how they should be set and adjusted. Thanks!

Not speaking with certainty here, but the s-curve is likely the response curve of the fader (Lin vs Exp) and the slew will be how fast the movements of the slider are relayed to the function being controlled (that is, high slew values will “lag” and “smooth” the physical input a bit while low values will be more direct and potentially “jittery”).


Did this get answered elsewhere. Also curious.

Set to your preference?

  • S-CURVE . Adjusts the response of the slider, either expanding the fine tune range of values near the center of the range (positive S-Curve values) or expanding the fine tune range of values near the outer edges of the range (negative S-Curve values.)
  • SLEW . Adjusts the slider’s slew responsiveness. [I’m assuming from stepped to smooth, since it is an digital control]

From: Memory Palace User Guide


Yeah, I read that in the user guide.

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Tuning MP’s curves and slews are essential to operation. I had tweaked settings from Beta days but I lost them - I use the biggest deadbands on the scaling and positioning sliders, with slews of 2-3 and only positive s-curve values. Experimentation here is key.