LZX x 48HV Present: Video Synthesis Across America


LZX x 48HV Present: Video Synthesis Across America

With Spring upon us, the 48HV boys have begun the final stages of planning for a short docuseries based on the coast to coast effort to reunite our bespoke video weapon with the Creators. That is to say we will be packing up the news van and heading off to sunny Portland, Oregon in and around the end of April. We will be providing exclusive interview and behind the scenes content in hopes of continuing the documentation of this truly pivotal time in our community. We are hoping to collaborate with other seekers along the way and provide a glimpse into the inner workings of video synthesis users all over America in the form of daily webisodal content. Stay tuned and get involved for more updates as they develop.



No Canada love :frowning:


@48HourVideo has bad luck with borders. Manifest somewhere along the way?