LZX Module Releases Preview 2022

Got my Stairs order in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My friends! The LZX Community Discourse is a wonderful way of indexing shared information. It seems to be one of the most reasonable platforms for learning more about Eurorack video art. It would be so very amazing if the good people at LZX might consider incentivizing participation on this forum by making announcements about things like inventory drops.

I understand the challenges of not wanting to ‘give anyone an unfair chance’ or even ‘enable scalpers to wipe out stock.’ I can also appreciate that we have been given the blessing of a heads up that things would be ‘dropping this week.’ Certainly there can be a compromise between having to stand by a computer all week refreshing an inventory page and getting some sort of ‘within the next 24 hours’ or ‘inventory has updated right now’ notice.

I am a reasonably active and supportive LZX user, and the Stairs drop (Corrected! Thanks @joem!) basically totally went over my head in the course of an hour. It’s of course a bit frustrating given that I want to give LZX monies. I also want to see the realization of preorders long outstanding. And furthermore, I want to remain capable of coping with the somewhat neurotic state of mind required to trace the availability, distribution, and state of development of the fruits of your labor at LZX.

I am rambling in the first person only to establish that I am the type of user who will also find ways to bot the stock, unbeknownst to the company, if that’s what it takes to get access to the stuff. I understand how problematic that is for companies. I also understand that there are complications in admitting this tendency. I am doing so only to establish that there are probably ways of limiting the inspiration of other similarly frustrated users to do these unethical things.

If we can find value in discussing the impact of a frame of delay, the minutia of yet-to-be instruments, and the trappings of narrative in video art then certainly this is the only safe space I can share feelings like this in hopes of starting healthy conversation.

Frabjous day! And Long Live LZX!



I don’t think there’s been a Stairs “restock”. I’m pretty sure what was for sale today was just a tiny first-ever batch (possibly what they could assemble from leftovers of their final prototype batch?).

I heard about it from an Instagram post (or maybe a IG story?) where it explicitly said “limited stock”. And LZX have repeatedly mentioned that they’re planning to have things either not running out of stock or only have brief absences in the future, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you missed it. They’ll definitely be doing more. What was up on the site today was just the beginning. I would try not to view it as something to be frustrated by missing, but as a slow start to general availability for the new Stairs module.


Wonderful perspective Joe! Thanks for sharing!

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Reminds me of Yellow Jacket, Visionary (April 1st), and Marble Index drops. I’m curious how many times daily a person might need to look at one of these platforms to catch this kind of stuff. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10? This release model rewards luck, obsession, or both.

Maybe we should use the #news this thread is tagged in for similar announcements in the future.

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Given that the status update Lars posted on the forum here the other day was very similar to the mailing list email that was sent out today, I took it as maybe just a simple editorial mistake that the latter still said the modules would be releasing “this week” — when they were, from what I could tell, already available on the site at the time it was sent (or put up shortly thereafter).

This is a very good point. In the future I will make sure to make an explicit announcement here on the forum. I assumed (incorrectly) that the email list (nearly 3k subscribers) and Instagram (nearly 9k followers) would catch everybody. I updated the newsletter link on the forum, but did not post explicitly about the new inventory. And, as @sean noted, even the newsletter (which was written before knowing exactly which modules would be ready to ship) did not specifically state module availability. Apologies infinite for this oversight.

@joem is correct–there will be more of these modules. Lots more! They will be in production for long enough that everyone will have a chance to purchase several of each module. We were only able to squeeze in 30 each of four different modules while the production team was waiting on the development team this week. It was inevitable that we would not be able to meet demand with initial quantities, thus disappointing most–especially those interested in Stairs (which sold out in less than an hour).

Sorry for the tease! The wait for a restock won’t be long.


Thanks for this. Personally, I have tried to move away from social media and really the only reason I find myself there is following LZX progress etc. I would much rather come here to find updates and drop dates etc and I think posting here also shows support for the LZX forum community itself and encourages growth and dialogue here rather than on other commercial social media outlets.


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My gmail has been subscribed to the LZX newsletter for about four years now. Sometime in the last year I stopped receiving newsletters. I have confirmed my email with mailchimp, checked spam, and whitelisted LZX email addresses. Has anyone else not received newsletters?


I check the forum pretty regularly and had no idea about the newsletter thread. It might seem a little messy but just replying to that thread with a new link would be way more visible for the default settings on the forum.

I had similar issues with the newsletter coming through on my email for awhile. Just had to sign up again but I don’t know what switch actually got flipped for it to start working reliably since I didn’t sign up any differently from the first time around.


OK. I will try making a new post, instead of editing.


I had the same experience.

my LZX emails in gmail end up in the promotions category at this point

The only availability that matters to me is my local distributer. I will not be ordering direct. While I appreciate the excitement here over the recent new modules, I have no idea when I might see any that I can buy. However, I’m pleased to see progress and happy people.

There will probably be some more inventory hitting the site in an hour or so.

Should be big enough utility module production runs to send inventory to dealers after ESG3, DSG3, and TBC2 ship in the next week or two.


4:00PM Pacific Time I’ll have numbers and post stock.


Friends, I am writing in a complete sentence to satisfy Discourse’s agenda and also to inform you that now is a good time to check lzxindustries.net/ for Stairs because there seems to be 19 available!


Not only that, but 2 hours later and they’re still in stock, apparently.

Of the four new smaller modules, Stairs was the most interesting and being able to use it on an rgb signal is something i couldn’t do before, so I’m in!

I was a bit confused about the RGB input on Stairs. Does it output a RGB signal or only Luma?