LZX Module Releases Preview 2022

my LZX emails in gmail end up in the promotions category at this point

The only availability that matters to me is my local distributer. I will not be ordering direct. While I appreciate the excitement here over the recent new modules, I have no idea when I might see any that I can buy. However, I’m pleased to see progress and happy people.

There will probably be some more inventory hitting the site in an hour or so.

Should be big enough utility module production runs to send inventory to dealers after ESG3, DSG3, and TBC2 ship in the next week or two.


4:00PM Pacific Time I’ll have numbers and post stock.


Not only that, but 2 hours later and they’re still in stock, apparently.

Of the four new smaller modules, Stairs was the most interesting and being able to use it on an rgb signal is something i couldn’t do before, so I’m in!

I was a bit confused about the RGB input on Stairs. Does it output a RGB signal or only Luma?

The RGB inputs are there to maintain the Gen3 RGB workflow, but Stairs mixes down to luma in order to shape/multiply. The resulting outputs can be patched back into the RGB workflow. If you have the time, check out the last Twitch stream to see Nick patching with Stairs: Twitch

We’ll have a shorter “3 Patches” demo coming soon.


Alternately, patch Stairs into a matrix mixer to get whatever blending you want. I like using a YUV->RGB conversion for this kind of thing, but using Staircase. In fact, I was doing exactly that just an hour ago.


There went my afternoon.


There really is only one internal input into Stairs’ frequency multiplier core. The RGB inputs are essentially a 3 input weighted mixer. They are following the Rec. 601 standard of approximating the relative brightness of a color image. Simplest terms, Green represents the largest part of the mix, then Red, then Blue. It’s actually 0.299 for Red (~one third), 0.587 (~half) for Green , 0.114 (~one tenth) for Blue.

This RGB to Luma function is integrated into other Gen3 modules, notably FKG-3, and exists as a standalone module as @Fox ’s Luma module.


& also from 2:41:00 where Nick directly compares the outputs of a Stairs & Staircase for a few minutes using a DWO3 & then brings TBC2 into the patch. This all lasts about 14 minutes.

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“after ESG3, DSG3, and TBC2 ship in the next week or two.”


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We’re trying! And remain very very close. Here’s Lars’s most recent update, in case you missed it:


All this time I thought I was in an Acid cult… did I end up in a crystal cult? Thats not the future I had planned for myself


“Ships when it’s ready” should be the release date messaging. I’ve been in a holding pattern to send my memory palaces back for repair of the shaky issues they’ve had since I got them in early 2020, until my Chromagnon arrives… maybe this year :crossed_fingers: :grin: :vulcan_salute:

Well least still on track for this year! :slight_smile: I’m hoping August/September 2022 timeframe.

Ahhh, I’ve just been quickly looking through here @creatorlars regarding rotation modules & hadn’t realised that there may be two due this year, one to work with Swatch for the Colour Wheel/Hue Rotation effect & the ART3 that is somewhat a Gen3 version of Navigator. Is this still the plan?

It’s really nice to see Angles been announced & available on the shop site yesterday :slight_smile:

I’ve just seen the following reply :slight_smile:


All module design plans are constantly morphing and subject to change until we have something ready to release. I’m not sure if any of the rotator modules will come out before Chromagnon or not. But right now the plan is for the rotator to work equally for vector usage (like Navigator) and for chroma usage (in combo with Swatch, for Color Wheel functionality.)


Did Stencil become Ribbons? Or still on the way?

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