LZX Eurorack Sample Player

I know this is down the road / under development, but, wanted to open up some discussion here because I am super excited about the possibility of a LZX Eurorack Sample Player.

At this point, I just had one note that is currently on my mind. That being, for my use purpose, I would like to see audio outputs from this type of video clip player so that audio can be routed separately for processing at the same time as the video. I am sure this has already been considered but just wanted to put it out there.


I’ve also been dreaming of some kind of sprite loader or advanced ramps. Like the video equivalent of a wavetable.


Well y’all are thinking along the right lines because the next three Orion releases slated for 2019 include our sampler (yes, stereo audio support is planned), a vector-to-raster rescan converter/emulator, and a sprite and tile based pattern/shape/brush generator (which will definitely include external tileset capabilities… pretty much exactly what you describe.)