Looking for Late Model V. Cortex or Pair, Have Chords/Vidiot/Dank Visionary Nugz for trade

In the middle of project that would be greatly facilitated by having two near revision VCs. I need a single, but would love to find a same-season purchased pair. I can also trade my pair straight across for your pair, or send one of mine as the missing Michael to your Jordan, the hopes to your dreams, the bees to your knees, etc.

I have fat stacks of LZX drops from over the last decade that you’ve probably never even heard of, hmu. Can also do MSRP or better, cash.

Is there a functional difference between rev 1 and 2?

Edit: I see, you want units that have had the rework performed and the new firmware. Is sending yours in to LZX in Portland not feasible?

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tfang! It will be towards the end of the year, i am building luma mattes by cutting between two vc-based systems for a project going on right now and am noticing the difference in white level (the black levels are nearly but not strictly identical. [thanks @Z0NK0UT])

while i have your attention–i was speaking to @nerdware about these pre-2016 VCs and he mentioned that the composite out is a bit noisy. i have noticed some noise from the composite out when outputting black, is that something addressed in the rework?

I described it poorly. It was a chroma issue rather than noise.

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