Locals only: video gear in Monterey Bay FT

hi North California Coastal folx, I have some gear in Monterey for trade, all working perfectly unless noted. Cosmetics vary; I’ll take pictures as I get inquiries. As for my wants, I’m open to pretty much any LZX modules and old tube cameras.

I’ll ship smaller items; you pick up big stuff please!

JVC HR-S9800U S-VHS VCR (built-in TBC / NR; fantastic playback!)
Sony DSR-11 miniDV VCR (has the usual problem of the broken off flap; I have the door if you want to fix it)
Sony PVM-2030 (works, could use a recap)
Sony CCD-TR700 Video8 camcorder (with power, cap, strap)
Sony DCR-PC1000 (with dock, AC adapter)
Sony PVM-8042Q (I have a couple available)
Sony LMD-9020
JVC TM-22U (bezel around the display is loose; requires UHF adapters; these are easily modded for Wobbulators)
Sony TMR-RF985R wireless headphones (pre-bluetooth, works fine but ear cups are flaking)
Vestax VCM-600 MIDI controller
Dell W1700 LCD monitor (with composite, component, YC, VGA and DVI inputs)
Dell P2213f monitor (has a scratch on the face)
Samsung SyncMaster 213T (all these monitors have matte displays!)
Magnavox MDV2100 DVD player (component outs; great for gigs: super lightweight and compact)
DIY rackmount PC computer w/o GPU (specs forthcoming)
ElectroVoice ZLX-12P 1000W powered speakers (not the newer bluetooth version; barely used)
Philips BDP-5012 Blu-Ray Disc Player (the “s” of Philips has fallen off the faceplate; also plays back media from SD card)
cables, adapters and accessories to throw in with much of the items, just ask!

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