LM6172 group buy <<we hit 500!>>

you are just in time.

i’ll contact you

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NOTICE: The pice has risen for some reason.

500+ costs are now 2,73 euro

I have ordered 1000 pieces now (for 2,30 p/p) to buffer the extra costs.
I will offer the extra LM6172’s here for the current 500+ price, so that I don’t lose money over this

so if anyone is interested in some LM6172’s : reply here! :star_struck:

I will have 200 in stock
2,73 euro p/p + shipping


the shipment is on its way to me. Planned delivery date is tuesday 10-09-19 (so next week)


OK they are in!

I’m going to package them and send them all out!!

note: I’ve send out some messages to people who’s addresses are not known. please respond !


A lot has shipped, see above

Note: I’ve tried my best assembling the packages. If somehow I missed something please contact me

@TheLoneVidiot : please send me your address info!


I received mine today - including the replacement panel for the triple function generator - maybe build it this weekend then!!!

Thanks Martijn!!!

everything is shipped!

There are still some LM6172’s in my stock!

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Just got mine, thanks again for making this happen @reverselandfill!

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They made it to California.
Thank you very much Martijn!

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Hey man,

great of you to make this possible. I would like to take 20 of your stock, shipping to germany :slight_smile:

thanks a lot

Got mine. Thanks for making it happen!

received mine today :raised_hands:

Mine showed up yesterday and I’m now ready to build. Thank you for arranging this!

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So are you still sitting on some LM6172?
If so I am interessted in buying ~20.

hi Temp_hill
I only have a few left, and I have a project (the 3x3matrix mixer) coming up that needs them (for kits)

So I’m sorry to say, no…


Hi Martin,
I need 10,

they are all gone now.
I might order a bunch later this month. I will keep you all updated!

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Thinking about building some Castle series modules I was looking into some of these also. A lot if it was for the entire Castle series, and maybe a community build or something like the Triple Function Generator.

Ordering at the first price tier is prohibitively costly for me. So It would be ideal to participate in a group buy if another one were to happen.

currently this is the price list at Mouser:
1: 4,36
10: 3,92
100: 3,20
250: 3,01
500: 2,73
1000: 2,30

I think my order will be around 70 to 100.for kits.

please add your amount to this thread, then we can see to what amount we can get!

reverselandfill: 70-100
x-chen: 10
marizu: 10

I’ll have 10, please.