LM6172 group buy <<we hit 500!>>

I’m in for 40
Post has to be 20 characters? There we go.

I’d like 20. Thanks.

Coming in late to this, I would like 30 if it’s still open (and you’re shipping to US.). Thanks!

gonna go ahead and mark myself for 20 more in tandem w that function gen pcb/panel you got going to the usa.

I’ll contact you all tomorrow as apparently I cannot send a lot of messages in a short time. I have to wait 22 hours now :frowning:


ok everybody is contacted!

I’ll make order the order after my holiday, at the beginning of september.
I will keep you informed :):star_struck:


Have a good holiday Martijn!

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continued from above.
a list!

I’ve highlighted the remaining members that have to pay.

I want to order the batch next week!!

-1: Reverselandfill: 70
2: Agawell: 35 - shipped
3: sean: 20 - shipped
4: otoskope: 60 -shipped
5: Analogmonster: 20 -shipped
-6: addamm: 20 -payed - ships with next TFG batch
7: Marizu: 10 -shipped
8: brknfixie: 30 -shipped
9: gosseyn: 20 -shipped
10: pbalj: 100 -shipped
11: aladan: 50 -shipped
12: vdot: 20 -shipped
13: mwmw: 15 -shipped
14: VanTa: 10 -shipped
15: jevergreen: 30 -shipped
16: DataGeneral: 15 -shipped
17: TheLoneVidiot: 30 -shipped

19: Fritz: 40 -shipped
20: Snufkin (muff) :40 -shipped
21: SOFEX: 10 -pickup
22: Dewb: 30 -shipped
23: cinema.av: 20 -shipped
24: tom tones(muff): 12 -shipped
25: whelm: 10 -shipped
26: Resonantspace: 20 -shipped
27: OccamsLaser: 50 -shipped
28: dondon: 10 -shipped

<<<<<< total: 807 >>>>>>>

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Last Call!!

@sudo : please contact me if you still want to join this groupbuy !

Can I get on this for 50? I should be pretty responsive and can pay ASAP. Will send a DM as well.

you still can! I’ll message you the details tomorrow

I’ll order this list today!

@sudo : please message me if you still want to join in!

Ooh, sorry to ask so late, but can I please get 10 (shipped with my PCB kit)?

Completely understand if I’m too late. Thanks!

you are just in time.

i’ll contact you

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NOTICE: The pice has risen for some reason.

500+ costs are now 2,73 euro

I have ordered 1000 pieces now (for 2,30 p/p) to buffer the extra costs.
I will offer the extra LM6172’s here for the current 500+ price, so that I don’t lose money over this

so if anyone is interested in some LM6172’s : reply here! :star_struck:

I will have 200 in stock
2,73 euro p/p + shipping


the shipment is on its way to me. Planned delivery date is tuesday 10-09-19 (so next week)


OK they are in!

I’m going to package them and send them all out!!

note: I’ve send out some messages to people who’s addresses are not known. please respond !


A lot has shipped, see above

Note: I’ve tried my best assembling the packages. If somehow I missed something please contact me

@TheLoneVidiot : please send me your address info!


I received mine today - including the replacement panel for the triple function generator - maybe build it this weekend then!!!

Thanks Martijn!!!

everything is shipped!

There are still some LM6172’s in my stock!

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