*~*~*~*[how to]~X/Y movement with navigator ~[ragarding to lzx nav video patch]*~*~*~*

hej there,

reagarding to the patch in the follogwing video (starting@7.00min) i got a question.
basicly the question is, can i make a shape move on the x and y axis without the doorway?

ive got the modules u see in the video except the doorway. can i do the patch (and the moving) with another module instead of doorway? (got bridge, shapechanger or staircase).
and does doorway actually do something for the movement in this patch (technically speaking)?
the only thing i achive turning the knobs of passage and navigator is channging the scale of my ramp, but no movement along x/y axis.

so thanks a lot and have a gret day!

At about 6:35 of that video he explains exactly what Doorway is doing in that patch, it has to do with making the horizontal & vertical ramps more noticeable as a diamond shape because it’s keying the ramps (cutting out the shape like a stencil). Doorway does not really move the shape in X & Y space, but it does control the size/scale of the shape (how large or small it appears on screen.)

You don’t need Doorway to move things in X & Y but it can help define a more solid shape from ramps which could appear more visible to you when the shape is being moved in X &Y.

You mention you have Bridge & Passage. They can be used to approximate the keying function of a Doorway. Search for “Bridge Key” in the forum for the patch. I’m not at my synth at the moment and can’t recall it off the top of my head. Good luck!

Howdy, Pong.
In the patch you are asking about, Johnny is using a Pendulum to move the diamond. Do you have a modulation source–even from an audio module?

hej !
yeah, i got sources of the right frequency to move the pic, lfo like, isnt it?
but before he patches in the lfo signal into passage, johnnys turning knobs on passage, and the effect is that the one knob moves the pattern on x and the other on y (7.14 min).
so what i did now is: doing the same patch but without doorway.
instead of doorway i put h and v ramps into shapechanger and then i take the stencil out and patch it into visual cortex (either ch. a/b in, or key in).
but i just cant move the pattern, and i dont understand y.
all the knobs ( nav x/y and passage knobw) just all will scale the pattern.

Could you post photos of your patch? And a video, if possible?

here, and thanks for all your help! niceee!
it always moves from out of the center…

the patch is (each ramp sperate, h=magenta, v=yellow) :
vc >>passage >>navigator>> [sh.ch. h and v in>> sh.ch. gradient out]>>vc. ch. b in

heeee boyzzz and girlzzzz… I found the solution! …wow, took me some hours …
theres nothing wrong with my patch, but in order to move the whole pattern (the diamond) with passage the diamond may not come from visual cortex.
that means, froms visual cortex you get a non mirrored ramp, and you create the diamond with the double mirror functionion in navigator…
that way you can move the diamond on x and y axis !
:boom: haha now my mind can rest, and i can patch in peace … P.I.P

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You beat me to it! Nice work.