How to spin a shape


Would Arch bring a lot to a setup that already has Shapechanger in terms of bending and shaping things?


We are in the same boat. The Orion series grossly complicates our understanding of how best to augment it’s real ultimate power.


Yes for sure. Arch is my favourite module by far. Can get a world of shape variations of out when using ramps. Also processing control signals can get some amazing results.


Cool! I’m having a bit trouble understanding logic stuff in video synthesis. I just got the multi gate and love it but I guess arch is doing something entirely different to the signal.


It’s essentially a modular portion of the Adobe suite. Can I say that?


I got Photoshop 3.0 at 8 years old and it’s been a continual source of inspiration! A lot of the work on Expedition series is from looking at the way computer graphics evolved from analog computing, and then figuring out ways to do the next level of analog by emulating a lot of the computer graphics workflows. For example, Shapechanger + Navigator perform a lot of the same math you’ll find in any 2D graphics engine, only they do it with analog computing circuitry. Marble Index (and Cortex Compositor) perform a lot of the same blending modes math you’ll find behind Photoshop or more robust digital compositing suites, only they likewise do it with analog circuitry. Most of the design challenge has been on how to take these functions and present them in a patchable hardware way, UI wise, and design analog circuits that do the math.


Thanks for clarifying, we have been using different utilities from Adobe as conceptual parallels when trying to construct a reasonable and systematic way of simply discussing the functions and roles of your modules.

As an addendum, when will we build the Elektron workflow inspired video instrument of the future?


Arch is my favorite too, You should see what you can do with four :slight_smile:


Speaking from experience, the best way to augment MP is with a solid analog synthesis setup behind it. It is a ground breaking module, but to truly exploit it’s power feed it the best material. It will do really cool things with live video input and still frames, but IMO where it really shines is as an integral part of diverse system. That said, you can do some awfully cool stuff with just a Vidot and an MP :slight_smile:


And now I’m completely off topic :slight_smile: