Fortress: Creating Vertical Bars with Horizontal Offset and Height Control

Hello friends!

Here is a wonderful picture of happy video friends trying to solve a happy video puzzle:

TLDR!: When using Fortress in ALU mode with all switches down, which logical operations will allow the oscillator sliders to control the offsets marked with red arrows? Inquiring minds want to know!

Recently I have been working on a series of studies using a pair of Fortresses as FG/BG elements. Here are a few iterations of this process:

With all switches down, and some adjusting of only the H/V and ADC1-3 sliders I produced the series that follows:

After power cycling my rig, I noted the output had changed. Thinking that this configuration was trivial, I started sweeping the ADC sliders looking for the logical operation that would give me not only control over the vertical columns distances from center, but also their height as measured from center. By chance, I have a picture of the Fortress configuration producing the vertical bars.

There was some adjustment made to the ADC sliders to change its output from A to B.

Anyways, I have consulted all of the King’s horses and most of the King’s men but even @pbalj had a fuss makin’ this patch again. For the sake of thoroughness, I racked these four fortresses and compared their DAC outputs across the 8 ALU modes:

I am hoping to resolve this little hoo-ha so that I can get back to making woah-woah-woah stuff!



What a great puzzle!

I think the key will be using amplitude modulation of the signal going into the ADC, and then modulating the VCA with ramps or otherwise.

Try patching the VCO output thru a VCA, and then back in to it’s corresponding ADC input.


I maintain I pretty much got it :smiling_imp::imp:


Pics or it didn’t happen! I made this sacrificial post, and a couple hours later the video gods were well pleased! (I don’t know why they gave me the finger though.)

@creatorlars I set up the patch with combinations of oscillators and ramps through a VCA and back into the ADC, but none gave the same control over the columns height and width on center. This is Fortress, all switches down, add, and fine adjustment of ADC1/2.