Discontinued Modules, Front Panel Files

Would it be possible for LZX to share front panel files for discontinued modules?

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It is unlikely that any design files will be shared publicly. What would be your use for such files?

Lars has mentioned that he would be willing to share these files, and that the forum would be the best place to remind him.

If these files were shared I would replace the front plates on my instrument with alternative front plate colorways/design.

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It might be quicker to remove and measure your panels. I think Lars is working very long hours finishing TBC2 and Chromagnon, while also testing Gen3 prototypes (as they’re assembled). And then there’s Diver and Memory Palace firmware updates… It could take some time for the files to be located and shared. There are some higher priorities at the moment.


Thanks so much Chad! Priorities!

Posting for continuation of topic.


Posting for continuation of topic.


Where did you find the above post by Lars @7pip? Surely on FB as I haven’t seen something like this on the LZX Discord server.
It’s a detailed & fair answer. Let’s see how things shape up.

UPDATE: I opened this page via a Discord link that has just been taken down, the account was “clown shows only”, no joke! Anyhow, the page on here looked slightly different, without the topic name at the top of the quote. Or else it’s way too late & I should log off and go to bed :sweat_smile:
Almost 3am Berlin crime time.

Cheers @rempesm for posting below :+1:t3:

It’s a quoted post, you can click on the title to go directly to the thread.

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