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I don’t know that we have one place for us to post our videos to that we want to share with the community. I may have just missed the thread.

I’ll start with some vidiot feedback

this was using two cameras two projectors and one vidiot

what have you all been working on?


Well, since you asked…I have two recent videos.

The first is some old feedback with some recently added audio.

The second video was created more recently, with some live audio providing some of the modulation. It’s actually two recordings spliced together, one made right after the other. Can you spot the join?


Recently made a music video together with a friend. What ended up becoming the final video was a slightly altered version of the internal demo in 4:3 format, using the latest of the recorded footage, which is from an analog panasonic tv production camera, together with some live filterings made live, to demonstrate some concepts. After the demo was done I worked full on for a week with the more advanced concept, compositing sony a7sii HD footage with a shitload of anamorphic analog takes using all my LZX, panasonic mx50s etc. the final number of visual tracks was over 100 when wrapping up the project in FCP.

In the end i’m quite happy with the one chosen, but it was kind of strange to have someone else decide on the final output. I’m normally delivering as i produce, both when VJing and teaching.

Heres the release version:

Will ask the singer for permission to share the unreleased HD version which is very different, for you to see, if you promise not to share it further :slight_smile:


Live VHS remixes! That’s what I’m calling it anyway. Streaming my VHS collection processed by AV set up. Hours of past broadcasts archived at the moment. Just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

video archive
mOOnhouse_AVdept (twitch)

Sharing this one cuz theres some bitvision near the end :slight_smile:


Wow this is so cool LauLindqvist!
There’s so much there to keep the viewer occupied, the songwriters must have been very happy with your work, thanks for sharing.


Recently had a Propellerhead Reason friend make some music for a video I made for my friend Greg.
Visual Cortex and various other LZX modules along with a title maker from BPMC and live video feedback were used here:

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here is a video i did which was fillmed live.
it was captured with a canopus advc-100.

Transferring it to youtube really added some messed up artifacts to it.

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This probably won’t seem too exciting to those of you here who have better skills, but I kind of like how this experiment came out. Basically it’s just colorizing a b/w video of a ceiling fan, but I like the way the color changes interact with the fan speed.

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Here is a 15 minute video mix using the memory palace, visual cortex, navigator, staircase, brown shoes only triple vca. All are being modulated by other eurorack modules and utilities.

Captured with Canopus ADVC-100 into iMovie.

Thank you LZX for making such awesome modules!


some clips from some live streams

more clips:


exploring and preparing… involved modules are visual cortex, prismatic ray, staircase, shapechanger, bridge, some infra red sensors, and several multipliers and sequencial switches (doepfer) , have fun…



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