Colorizer on Visual Cortex

So I’m starting to user more and more the colorizer VC input in my VC and I love it. Reading the block diagram on the VC tech manual gives me an grasp on what it does, and I wanted to use another colorizer within my system (i.e. in a submix on a second channel).

But I’m not sure how I can achieve the very same effect (or similar) with modules from the Expedition or Cadet series. I’m thinking in 3 Cadet faders to “move” the color between channels (i.e. FaderA(R,G)->R, FaderB(G,B)->G and FaderC(B,R)->B and a Color Chords so I can voltage control colors on each canel.

My main interest is to have voltage control on the colorizer (just like in the VC Colorizer VC input).


Passage -> Marble Index is the most literal route to go here. This gives you a brightness/contrast control over each color, and the ability to send the a single input to all 3x outputs, each with their own bias/gain controls, the ability to sum in another voltage (i.e. brightness modulation) on each color separately, and then advanced composites/blending, fader controls (via Marble Index’s compositors.)

The “Spectrum” mode is something special, that only appears in Cortex. It is a waveshaping based Colorizer. You could think of Staircase as the more advanced version of it, if feeding the Staircase outputs into RGB.


I was thinking Passage would come in handy for this but great to hear confirmation of this and in concert with Marble Index, what a lethal combination (can I just add a Pendulum into this patch for the sake of blowing the mind).

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I think I understand now how to do it with passage, thanks.

The system design intent is you have Modules That Generate/Colorize RGB (Passage, Mapper, Color Chords, Staircase) and you patch these into -> Modules That Composite/Mix RGB signals (Marble Index, Visual Cortex).

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