Color correction & mixing between two systems

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What modules or workflow would allow mixing between systems with matched colors? For instance, what modules or signal flow would allow a mixer to cut between a red output on two systems without noticing the cut as a difference in red values.

I am currently navigating this signal flow with two Visual Cortexes, but differences in their black level is making the cut quite noticeable. Are there any modules from any makers that could make this possible? Is it possible that the gen3 encoder will allow for this type of color correction before hitting the mixer?

As a yet fully formulated aside, I am wondering if the 1V standard allows for calibration of white, black, or RGB values between identical modules with the same name that are from different production batches. (Thanks @Z0NK0UT for noticing that these modules are not identical!)

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ESG3 gives you brightness, contrast, and color balance on the front panel.
In your Visual Cortex example, your modules are mismatched. One is an early version without LZX rework & firmware upgrade. So they are not identical modules, strictly speaking. Even if the two modules were from the same production batch, some slight variation is to be expected.
Does your mixer offer any color adjustment on its inputs?


Okay, so if we are still speaking strictly, buying two ESG3s would solve this? With that in mind, the PCB on both VCs reads the same date and revision. Is there any way to identify which VCs were made when, so that I could potentially look for a one from the same production batch secondhand?

The V4EX doesnt allow for color correction per channel, do you happen to know of one that does?

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TBC2 offers color correction per input channel. I am not sure about non-LZX mixers.
Since ESG3 offers brightness, contrast, and RGB color balance controls on the front panel, you will be able to adjust those elements of your video output before sending it to your mixer.

I answered your Cortex question in the other thread.

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